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Cosmic Horror – A difficult genre

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  1. quietschisto says:

    I think that visual media is at an inherent disadvantage when it comes to cosmic horror. If it is “unimaginable” and “beyond our comprehension”, then it theoretically is impossible to depict properly. If it is doable with CGI, then obviously someone could come up with the concept.

    In a book, we can be told that somthing’s shape is indescribable, or we can be bombarded with so many words that we simply can’t imagine it properly. But seeing is believing, and therefore anything depicted immediatly loses a lot of impact.

    Of course, it can be done, and I’m with you – I’d like it to be done. My opinion: We should not focus on depicting things that should have unimaginable forms (like biblical angels or something like that), but go with other, visual effective ways of “overloading” our senses.

    1. willgsrr says:

      I agree the challenge seems to be depicting it in a way that is both tangible but also elusive and unknown. I’m sure there are many out there who would like to do something like that but maybe aren’t sure how to do it.

      1. quietschisto says:

        If everyone was sure about how to do it, they’d be swimming in money right now xD

  2. DeiSophia says:

    Arguably Dead Space has elements of Cosmic Horror in it as well with the whole Church of Unitology and the Markers. Though Moons of Madness is the most obviously direct transference to a sci-fi medium!

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