Baldur’s Gate 3 First Impressions

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  1. charlesfwh says:

    Loved BG2, not sure I’m feeling the interface or look here, evolves it from those earlier games I guess but having sunk hours into Pillars of Eternity that felt and looks more like a more accurate spiritual sequel to 1 and 2. Personal preference i guess. From what you’ve picked up I’m curious where they go with the Drow. I loved the R.A Salvatore Drizzt books which fleshed them out and those characters cameo’d in the spin off Icewind Dale series. Given they are based in the underground cities wondering whether they will make an appearance?

    1. willgsrr says:

      I’m not massively familiar with a lot of D&D lore or stories around it. I played BG2 but can’t really remember it to be honest. There’s certainly no rush on making a decision with BG3 with so much still to be added and tweaked. There has been talk of the Underdark in BG3, but don’t know how much that means in terms of it featuring in the game.

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