Returning to DayZ

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  1. James says:

    This is far from. Ki g of the survival game, the game itself is still doggy doo do playing base vanilla dayz the devolipment team need to actually do something with this game because if it wasn’t for the community and the mods this game would be boring and beyond shit… SCUM is a survival and far better then dayZ in every aspect in that game and has far more to offer AND IT DOESNT EVEN HAVE MODS !!! Hands down SCUM is the better of the best out of survival Is genre games. Both games came out same time too and yeah still dayz is buggy AF

    1. willgsrr says:

      DayZ came out in Early Access in 2013. SCUM was 2018? I really love SCUM too though. But for me, DayZ has always held a special place in the survival genre for me. I know it’s buggy and everything, but I still have enjoyed every hour I’ve played. Just as I’ve enjoyed every hour of SCUM too.

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