Hello, and welcome *spreads arms in welcoming gesture* to GEEK.SLEEP.RINSE.REPEAT. “Who are you?” I  hear you ask? We are Will and Omar nice to meet you. We love all things geeky, and have decided that we love it so much that we want to write about it. So lets start with a little introduction to the both of us.


Firstly I’m Will. I started playing video games in the NES days, the Super Mario and Duck Hunt combination was my first experience, well that I can remember anyway. Since then my love for games has grown and grown.

I mostly play games on my Xbox 360 nowadays, but I do dabble in some PC gaming as well, although I don’t have a top of the range machine, so can’t play everything.

In the last year, my ‘geeky-ness’ has expanded in to other areas, and I now find myself watching various anime series, and have started a graphic novel collection amongst other things. So naturally these are the things I will mostly be talking about on this blog. Plus a little from TV shows that I’m watching, and films I might have seen. You get the idea.

And I’m Omar or Murr, either or.


My first console was the Master System, Many hours were spent on Sonic and the duck hunt equivalent ‘Safari Hunt’. From there It was Gameboy, Snes…. all the way to today in which the only console’s I don’t own are a Megadrive and the 2 new next gen machines.

Again like Will there was a period of PC gaming, but you’re more likely to find me playing Xbox 360 or Wii U. I’m also a self acclaimed Nintendo Nut. I’m also very much into other geek areas of life including comics, movies, TV and not sure if it’s considered geeky but still enjoy the odd spot of WWE!

I’ll mostly be posting Nintendo defence force posts and Marvel Cinematic Universe “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” posts.

Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat

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