Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – New Trailer

  Last week we had an epic trailer for Captain America: Civil War which will pit team Rodgers vs team Stark. Well now we’ve got a new trailer for 2016’s other superhero vs superhero film, Batman V SupermanL Dawn of Justice, and It looks incredible. – Murr

Suicide Squad & Batman vs Superman SDCC 2015 Trailers

  So we’re a little late to the party here, but the weekend we didn’t get much time to follow the San Diego ComicCon news. And our attention was focused on Satoru Iwata Monday. But you may already know that DC and Warner Bros put their DC Cinematic Universe into full swing over the course…

Batman vs Superman: Batmobile Revealed

A few images of the latest Batmobile from Batman vs Superman have surfaced, as-well as an official image. It’s pretty similar to the tumbler from Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, but with additional bunny ears! Source –    

Batman / Superman Movie Gets a Logo & Title

And here it is, we can now officially reference the Batman/Superman film as “Dawn of Justice”. Only a little hint at a Justice League creation then? An awesome logo was also released with the title: What do you think? Can this begin the DC / Justice League, can it compete with Marvel and the Avengers?…