Thor: Dark World Thoughts…Semi Spoiler Free


Okay, first things first, no spoilers in this first few paragraphs, I’ll add a spoiler warning when I go on to talk about certain parts of the movie. With that said let’s begin…

I’ll openly admit that from the Phase 2 marvel films announced, Thor Dark World wasn’t the one I was anticipating the most, got to be honest Guardians of the Galaxy has me incredibly hyped, followed by Iron Man 3, Captain America Winter Soldier and then Thor Dark World.

The recently released Winter Soldier trailer has boosted my anticipation for that, and put Thor further down the pecking order as the trailers released for that while good, weren’t ‘holy shit this looks awesome’, Not to me anyway.

So now, I’ve seen it. I have to say that I thought this was better than Iron Man 3. I liked IM3, but this was incredible from start to finish. EPIC sums it up. I was a little worried we’d have too much mushy Jane loves Thor forever type stuff here for some reason; glad to say that was not the case at all. Kat Denning’s ‘Darcy’ has more film time this time round and introduces her intern, both are very welcome for more film time in future Thor films as they provided some very humorous scenes together. Standard Marvel film in terms of one liners and jokes, Thor portraying jealousy that Jane has been on dates while he was away makes for a chuckle, and seeing him struggle to get into a K registration plate Volvo made me laugh. Also Dr Selvig seems to have loosened up a little bit and also makes for some interesting scenes.

Was good to see that they addressed why Thor didn’t visit Jane after the events of New York were taken care of, they made damn sure to get it across to the audience this film is related to Avengers with many mentions of New York.

Anyone thinking that bringing Guardians of the Galaxy into the cinematic universe is going to be tough can squash the doubt now, this film portrayed just how big the universe is, we’re already aware that there are aliens, laser guns, space ships etc after The Avengers, but this takes it up a notch to just how many aliens, laser guns & space ships there are. May sound stupid, but it felt like I was watching a modern star wars film and that’s not a bad thing.


To reference my comment on the star wars feeling, the scene where the dark elves are invading Asgard would be a great example. Fighter ships flying around shooting lasers around, the Asgard palace defence turrets, the on foot battle in the palace. I loved every minute of it.

SPOILERS END – Continue reading from here…

This film also kept you guessing a lot; there were some scene’s I was in disbelief at, as were the majority of the audience I was with. I saw this with my fiancé and I found it amusing the number of times she had her hand over her mouth ‘goshing’ in disbelief. Of course there is a scene with Thor topless and I again noticed that she was gob smacked again for other reasons I can assume.

As soon as it finished and the credits were rolling, I waited for the 2 credit Easter egg scenes, the mid credits scene I was so happy to see. I don’t think many people in particular got it, after hearing some comments of “that was a bit shit!”, but I cannot wait for what it means.  Oh and one last spoiler…


Captain America cameo was fantastic 🙂

– Murr


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