E3 2014 Hype: Sony


Last year E3 could not have gone any better for Sony. They had a stonking conference. Of course it could of all been a last minute reaction to the Microsoft conference that took place first, either way they definitely came out on top. They’ve gone on to have a successful console launch that is currently out selling nearest competition. We’ve seen Infamous come and go, Killzone launched with the console. So what next?

I’m sure it’ll kick off with figures and graphs that are very boastful on the initial success of the PS4. And rightly so, this console has exceeded expectations massively, and taken a rather fast lead. So much self back patting and boasting will feature…Onto the games.

I fully expect to see alot more of The Order. Not a bad thing at all. DriveClub will probably make an appearance. Still slightly salty that this isn’t out yet to be honest.

As for surprises, well God of War would be a welcome reveal. We’ve had a teaser of Uncharted 4, so expect to see a full reveal of that. More of Deep down will be on display.

Last Guardian, the game that skipped a whole generation since announced could feature. Hopefully seeing a re-reveal as a PS4 title.

It’ll be interesting to see if Square-Enix make a special appearance here for further information on Kingdom Hearts 3 & Final Fantasy XV. In fact it’ll be interesting to see just what 3rd party companies will appear with Sony or Microsoft. I’d hazard a guess that Square would show up at Sony’s show. With Deep down more than likely to feature Capcom should be there, perhaps they’ll have another surprise for us.

Sony Studios such as Japan & London should hopefully have new exclusive titles to show off, and Quantic Dream are also believed to be working on a title so a reveal here would be awesome. Who knows perhaps Rockstar may dish out some information on Agent?

Since the start of this generation of consoles, Sony has been trying to build up it’s relations with indie developers even offering to pay for Indie stalls at this E3 regardless if their title is scheduled to release on a Sony console or not, So I’d imagine we’ll see a nice portion dedicated to indie titles upcoming on PS4 / Vita.

Guerrilla games have been working on a new IP and it’s apparently completely different to Killzone. It’s been a while since they made anything but Killzone, so hopefully this turns out as an interesting title.

You’ll notice I’ve not really mentioned much on the Vita, I’m afraid I’ve not really followed much on Vita’s current or upcoming games, I’m sure it’ll feature but I couldn’t tell you what to expect there sorry.

I also expect we’ll get to see and hear alot more on Sony’s virtual reality head set Project Morpheus. Nothing concrete regarding release dates, but information and demos of it. We’ll probably get our first batch of games that make use of the technology too.


Morpheus will feature

Finally to wrap it up, and this is a mixture of both prediction and wants combined, When Sony started their PS4 campaign, they had a very nostalgic feel, even back at the conference last year they opened the show with a barrage of video, sounds and quotes of great games gone by to feature on their consoles. Well I’m hoping that they tap into their nostalgic side again and do a “Nintendo”, I want and really hope we see a Medievil or a Parappa The Rapper… but most of all, and unfortunately it’s rather unlikely… I’d love to see Crash Bandicoot as a PS4 exclusive back and worked on by Naughty Dog.


Sony & Naughty Dog… Please!

So there you go, this year Sony can really emphasize the games, And that is awesome. What would you like to see?

– Murr


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