Intergender Matches Not Possible In WWE 2K15


Well we figured that this would be the case, but it was confirmed that WWE2k15 will still not feature inter-gender matches:

For anyone wanting to know, you still won’t be able to have female vs. male matches in WWE 2K15.

WWE 2K15′s Community Manager, Jared Rea, confirmed this on the official WWE 2K forums.

“For years now WWE programming has not featured violence between men and women. The WWE2K series is a reflection of the content you see on WWE programming and so this will not be changing, nor will the removal of censorship in regards to nudity (A Teen rating is what’s #BestforBusiness). In the future, let’s also try and keep discussions of what’s possible through console modifications to a minimum as it starts getting into a weird grey area that isn’t comfortable for a number of parties.”

Ever since 2008, WWE has obliged to a PG rating and females never fight males in the wrestling ring. The games continue to reflect what happens in current WWE programming. The only exceptions are blood and chair shots to the head. These features are still a part of the video games, but not in real life programming.

You can still compete in mixed tag team matches though. However, males and only fight males and females can only fight females. The match results in an instant disqualification if a male puts his hands on a female.

WWE 2K15 will also feature no nudity. Nudity has never been featured in the video games so this makes sense. Nudity in the WWE as rarely been featured too, unless you count one incident where “The Kat” went topless.


Hardly surprising due to the PG era and as noted this feature hasn’t been present since the turn into PG viewing.

Hopefully more WWE2k15 news will start to trickle out in the months leading to Summerslam.

– Murr

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