Geekly Review #41

Well Monday morning arrives again, another weekend of Geek passes…

This weekend marks my last week off of work, I start my new job on Tuesday 12th August, so post frequency may dip from me until after work hours. But that aside, the weekend!

Friday I decided to purchase a basketball, pretty random and ultimately bad timing as since that purchase it’s rained alot. But anyway after the purchase I went to the local park with a basketball ring with GSRR’s #1 fan and decided to test it out. We aren’t quite Lebron James yet, but we’ll get there. It was good fun to play again as I’d not spent that much time taking shots since school all those years ago. We then decided to head to the pub for some refreshments and my wife and his fiance joined us. Later that night I watched “Last Vegas”. It’s a pretty charming funny film, Morgan Freeman delivering the largest laughs, but that’s not surprising the guy is a legend. All I know is, it’s further cemented the idea in my head that I MUST visit the States, and especially Vegas which has been on my wife and my bucket list.

Saturday Football season returned, well the Football league did anyways, so I tuned into Bristol City vs Sheffield United. Happy with the result there. Not only did Football Season return, but NFL Season is also back (well warm up games anyways) and New York Giants took their pre-season record to 2 wins 0 losses with a tight win over Steelers. I’ve enjoyed the pre season thus far, but no real tests yet for the Giants. I also ended the day with Football manager and Dexter.

Sunday there was more football, so I didn’t leave the sofa much Sunday other than for shopping. I watched Scottish Championship action between Rangers & Hearts, and also flicked over to Ajax to see how they were getting on. Then the Curtain opener if you will for the Premier League Season, Arsenal vs Man City in the community shield. While impressive here’s a reminder for Arsenal fans to calm expectations down… Man United won the community shield last season and look how far we went after that ūüėČ

To end the night we then watched more Dexter, almost finished the 3rd season now, and ended the weekend off with Role Models. Well this is my last day off. Here’s to going back to work, which means I can then truly appreciate the weekends more.

– Murr

This weekend wasn’t particularly Geeky for me as it was a friend’s birthday and we had arranged to go away to Weymouth for the weekend. We travelled down on the Friday afternoon, set up our tent in our campsite that was pretty much right on the sea front, it had a great view and a very brisk sea breeze, but it was a nice sea breeze. As it was a nice sunny evening we had a BBQ, because that’s what you always do when camping and its sunny, heck you do it if it’s raining too.

We went in to Weymouth town on the Saturday and pretty much sat in pubs and bars most of the day. The beach at Weymouth is like being back in the 20’s, it looks like its tried to keep a very traditional ‘British Seaside’ theme¬† going on.

Unfortunately the weather turned Saturday night, and Hurricane Bertha rolled in to say hello. Hurricane is probably a bit much when describing the weather, yea it was windy, and the tent kept hitting me in the head whilst I was trying to sleep, but it stayed up, and kept us dry. Seeing as our tent only cost about £25 we were pretty impressed.

With the weather still being a bit grim Sunday morning, we decided to pack up and head home pretty early.

The bit of adverse weather aside, it was a great weekend.

I also got around to finally catching up on a bit of comic reading this weekend as it had been so long since I’ve read anything. The trade paperback of Black Science came out at the end of July completing the first arc of the story. I did actually buy it a while go, but it was only this weekend that I actually finished reading it.

Black Science written by Rick Remender and penned by Matteo Scalera¬†follows Grant McKay and his team of scientists as the achieve the impossible feat of being able to travel to different dimensions using The Pillar. They want to use it to solve energy problems, to cure disease, to travel to other worlds where infinite technologies and possibilities become a reality. The problem is, is someone doesn’t want them to succeed, and after their first jump they find the Pillar damaged and jumping every few hours with them not knowing where they will end up.


Queue the action, and crazy parallel worlds full of weird and wonderful creations and you have a great story full of imagination.

The second arc of the story picked up last month, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what will happen after it ended on a pretty big cliff hanger.

All I kept thinking whilst reading it, was that this would be really cool to see as a film or a TV series, and I know there will probably be a lot of people who would hate to see that. But done right, it could be awesome.

– Will


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