Very Limited Edition PS4 Revealed


This morning at the Playstation Awards 2014 in Japan Andrew House took to the stage after the final awards were handed out to reveal a very limited edition PS4 model.

ps1ps4 ps1ps42 ps1ps43 ps1ps44


Only 12300 of these are available. Adam Boyes tweeted shortly after the announcement that they’ll be on sale this weekend at the PlayStation Experience this weekend in Las Vegas.

As well as that to continue with the 20 years of PlayStation, themes of the classic PlayStation are available to download for your PSVita, PS3 & PS4:

theme1 theme2 theme3


– Murr

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  1. The first image makes it look really ugly, but the other ones, it looks pretty nice…. Random.

    I like the original logo on it. Nice touch!

    • I like the detail on it by the console number. Little X, O, Triangle and Square logos all over it. This’ll cost a pretty penny.

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