Most Anticipated Films of 2015

It’s not just all about all the video games of 2015 we’re excited about, there’s also a rather healthy selection of blockbuster movies set to premier in 2015 too. Here are the movies that we’re particularly excited about in the upcoming 12 months. I’m pretty sure they’ll all be very much anticipated by the general public too.


Need I really go into detail as to why? When Disney acquired the Star Wars franchise back in 2012 one of the first statements released is that there would be a new trilogy following on from the original classic trilogy. With J.J. Abrams showcasing his credentials in the Star Trek reboot he was appointed as the man to take the hefty burden to direct the first film in the new trilogy. In December 2014 a whole year away from the movie premier we were treated to a little teaser that was met with mostly positive reception (“Eugh that light saber design is terrible”). And now we just wait having to make do with watching the teaser over and over again. It’s sure to make big bank for Disney who are looking into one healthy 2015 box office.



And this is another reason as to why Disney can expect to earn a fortune in 2015. The first Avengers flick became the 3rd highest grossing film of all time. Not bad, and the buzz around this film after the successful phase 2 films is bigger than ever. We’ve had one trailer so far to whet our appetite and my word didn’t it just do that. From the inspired song choice over the trailer from Pinocchio to the haunting line from Ultron voiced by James Spader that there “are no strings on me” it’s looking jaw dropping. After a tease at the end of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Twins Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver will be featuring in the film along with another new hero to the stable in Vision who for the general movie public is known as J.A.R.V.I.S Tony Stark’s AI companion from the Iron Man flicks. Hype levels are certainly at max for this film.



Furious 7 is the 7th instalment in the hugely successful Fast and Furious Franchise. Now you may be thinking that we’re all bored of this series now, but given the box office the more recent films have brought in, you’d be wrong. This film is the first film to take place after events of Tokyo Drift (which was the 3rd film to be released but isn’t the 3rd film in the cannon) and will be about the crew traveling to Tokyo to track down Ian Shaw who kills fan favourite Han (who’s death you see in Tokyo Drift). The murder is in revenge against Dom and the crew for killing Ian Shaw’s brother Owen from previous instalments. What we know from the past few films is this is going to be completely over the top, balls to the wall action and I can’t wait for it. On a sad note though this film will be the last in the series to feature the late Paul Walker who sadly passed away while this was filming. This film will be fans last chance to see Brian O’Connor’s exploits with the fast crew so I’d expect this instalment to be the highest grossing film in the franchise. Here’s hoping there’s a fitting exit for Paul from the series in this film. It’ll be an emotional one.



Daniel Craig’s Bond is back for a 4th installment of the grittier rebooted Bond franchise. After the huge success of Skyfall, Director Sam Mendes needed an angle to ensure the next film in the series is a hit and with Spectre he could be onto it. Spectre being a terrorist organization first introduced to the Bond franchise back in 1962 in Dr No. While in the new installments of the franchise Bond has battled against terrorist organisation Quantum, the time is right to bring back a familiar name to fans of the Bond series with Spectre. The cast were all announced at an event at the end of the year. Unfortunately due to the Sony hacking scandal that took place the entire plot and script for Spectre was leaked online. I’m staying spoiler free for this. With the cast featuring double oscar winner Cristoph Waltz and the breakout star of Guardians of the Galaxy Dave Bautista it’s looking to be another great addition to the new era of Bond.



After the script leak, it looked likely that Tarantino was going to scrap the film and release the story as a book. But after reading the script out live with the cast, and coming to his senses Quentin Tarantino’s Hateful Eight is happening, and coming in 2015. Why are we excited about this film? Because it’s Quentin Tarantino of course, Why wouldn’t we be? Another western but not a sequel to Django Unchained, The Hateful Eight is about a stagecoach that starts off with 2 people trying to reach RedRock, but during the travel the party grows larger and in need of a stopover the weather turns for the worst and the 8 travelers learn that their journey to RedRock may not be quite as easy as anticipated. While that doesn’t sound the most thrilling of premises, with a cast featuring Tarantino regulars such as Tim Roth, Micheal Madsen and Samuel L Jackson and set in the wild west again what could be bad about it?



We’re returning back to where it all began. 22 years after John Hammond introduced us all to Jurassic Park and the possibilities of it all, it’s finally open. Chris Pratt comes of the back of his massive Guardians of the Galaxy performance to take the lead role in the next installment of the beloved Jurassic Park franchise. arriving some 10 years later than originally anticipated due rewrites of the scripts and delay after delay, Jurassic world is the film that shows us that Hammond’s dream has become a reality as the park is now finally open and running. Not content with the standard dinosaurs that roam the park, scientists are tasked with creating a new hybrid dinosaur genetically to draw in more tourists, but of course it all goes wrong and it’s up to Pratt to save the park. Here’s hoping the genetically created dinosaur plot can cause as many terrifyingly memorable scenes as the T-Rex and Raptors did in the original.



Another new franchise trying to establish itself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2015 will be AntMan portrayed by Paul Rudd. Now try to look past the name here, just think back in 2008 Iron Man probably sounded like a dumb name let alone Captain America. The film will be the final part in the Phase 2 taking place after the Avengers Age of Ultron. The film is billed as a heist film and has the description of plotting a heist that will save the earth. Could this film play a major part in the grand finale in 2019 of Avengers Infinity War, is the heist of epic proportion to attempt to steal a gem for the infinity gauntlet. Probably not no, but it’s nice to dream.



Chappie is the 3rd film from Neill Blomkamp and once again features awesome looking robots. It looks like a cross over between Robocop as a line of robots are created for enforcing martial law and keeping the peace in 3rd world countries and Short Circuit as one robot is taken in and created with feeling and emotions. It learns a peaceful life rather than a forceful one. Not much more is known other than that, but the trailers appear to be rather awesome.


And not just the list above, we’ll also be seeing Fantastic 4, Terminator and Mad Max return as well as new films like Jupiter Ascending and Inside Out.

2015 is looking like it’ll be an awesome year for blockbuster films.

– Murr

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