E3 2015 – EA Roundup

EA opening with a Mass Effect teaser trailer, BOOM! Mass Effect: Andromeda coming Holiday 2015. We’re off to a flyer.

Next up we get to hear about the new Need for speed with a new trailer.

I think it looks like a return to the street racing style of the older Underground games, which I’m on board with.

Marcus Nilsson talks a little about the game to. Set in  Ventura bay,  it’s x2 rivals and has the richest customisation ever – authentic brands. 5 overlapping stories – Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw combine to create the perfect NFS moments. Specialize in one or switch between to become ultimate icon

It will be releasing 3rd November 2015.

Jeff Hickman then appaers to talk about Star Wars The Old Republic. With the announcement of a new expansion called Knights of the Fallen Emprire that will release 27th Oct. Featuring new Bioware like story telling, new worlds to explore and new companions to recruit. It will also be free.

Then Patrick Soderlund takes the stage and talks a lot gameplay, how well a game plays, I don’t really know what his point was but he was saying that EA is constantly listening to the players and feedback and that this year more betas and play tests will take place before launch.

We then got to see a brand new IP with Martin Sahlin from  Coldwood interactive. It’s a puzzle platformer and you play as character made of yarn that unravels as you play. Physics based gameplay.

Then it was Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2’s turn to show off some new stuff with Jeremy Vanhoozer chatting about the game. It will feature 6 new character classes and a brand new  4 player co-op mode, graveyard ops, which we got to see.

The game will also feature a single player experience where you can play against AI solo or local split screen. You’re also able to transfer characters from GW1 to GW2. Launch spring 2016. The game will also have free content updates throught the games life.

This wouldn’t be an EA press conference without some sports though!

PGA Tour will be released July 14th and will have no load times between holes, first game using new Frost bite engine.

New modes in NHL and FIfa teach you how to make better plays and passes.

Next we get to take a look at NBA Live 16 with Sean O’Brien. The game will feature a new app featuring game face scanning, thankfully it worked a lot better than 2k’s face scanning.

As you’d expect the new iteration of NBA is better. More animations, more moves you know the same stuff they say every year.

Samantha Ryan then takes the stage to talk about mobile gaming… for some reason. 715 million downloads  400,000 years of gameplay logged this year. Sure a lot of people play them, but do we need to see them at E3?

Anyway, we got the announcement of a new  Star Wars mobile game. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Collect battle and dominate with your favourite characters and ships.

We then saw Minions paradise, a mobile game. Uhh, ok….

Pele then comes to the stage to talk about Fifa 16…Oh, wait. No he’s just doing an interview… What’s going on?  He may be a footballing legend, but I’m not sure how relevant he is to a games conference, plus interviews during your press show?

Oh, they were actually leading up to a game, and yes it was Fifa 16, and guess what. Its got loads of new stuff, new features, new defensive stuff too…. Just like you hear every year.

Sara Jansson is up next to introduce Mirrors Edge Catalyst. The game will feature no levels, no loading times and will be a prequel to the first mirrors edge.

It will be dropping 23rd February 2016

My steam started to drop in and out at this point so I missed some bits about Madden NFL 16. But there was a new trailer.

At last Star Wars: Battlefront. And then my stream cut out again… So missed some of the details. But I got to see the gameplay, and it looks great.

Releasing 17th November 2015.

All in all it was a very odd show from EA. The middle was just bizzare. To spend so much time on Mobile games and PVZ was, in my opinion a poor decision. I was finding it a little tough to keep concentrating during the whole thing.

But there were some positives. Mass Effect: Andromeda, Star Wars, Need for Speed and Mirrors Edge. It just felt a little marred by the random other bits.

– Will



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