Why I love Indie Games

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  1. quietschisto says:

    I concur that good Indie titles nowadays are far more interesting and unique than many AAA titles, but it is understandable. Big companies have big expenses, and if their game fails, then that’s a big problem. So, they play it safe and use tried-and-tested mechanics, artstyles and narrative techniques. They have to sell millions of copies to break even, so they have to appeal to the biggest audience possible. RPG fans? Throw in some skill trees! Exploration? Secrets and Easter Eggs off the main path. Graphics? Some people like van Gogh, others like Picasso. But everyone likes “real” graphics. Just make them as neat as possible. Music? Big and epic. Most people won’t listen anyway, so don’t bother with nuances.

    Indie titles have, on average, a much smaller scale and only a few people working on them. Each idea can be fully explored, or at least be taken into consideration. With fewer resouces come fewer expenses, so they don’t have to appeal to the masses.

    Also, most AAA titles are not really bad, they are just acceptable in quality, but no masterpieces. And all Indie titles are not great, either. A lot of them are just straight up bad. For every Undertale out there, you have 15 Soda Drinker Pro’s, My Bones’, Bad Rats’ or My Name is Mayo’s.

    But in the end, I totally agree with your main point. When an Indie game is good, then it usually is a personal experience you won’t forget that easily.

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