Geekly Review # 11

Monday morning… already? Weeks just fly by, can only mean it’s time for the Geekly Review…

Well it was my first full 5 day week back to work, and oh wow was it hard to readjust to not waking up at what ever time, following some sort of sleeping and eating pattern again. Fortunately though before I knew it, it was the weekend again. During the week my copy of WWE2k14 arrived which would work out perfect what I had planned for Saturday. I plowed through the Wrestlemania mode in a few nights. Only the ‘Universe’ era mode left to work through now. I also read my first Black Panther graphic novel. “Who is Black Panther?” Which I’ll be putting a few thoughts about up here soon.

Friday night was a nice quiet night in with the lady, We watched Fast and Furious 6. Such a fun film, although we did find ourselves talking alot about how the 7th film is going to work without Paul Walker, It becomes apparent while watching Fast6 that he did have a close working relationship with the likes of Vin and Tyrese and it’ll be strange to see how they all appear in the 7th movie as in this one it looked like they were all having fun all the time.

Saturday was an awesome day. By 10:30am my first guest was around, by 12 my living room was full with 6 lads and 2 babies and we were all screaming away at WWE2k14. We then made the switch from the 360 to Wii U and some Game&Wario which is always good for a laugh. Then we broke into different groups, with me playing NBA2k14 on the PS4 with GSRR’s number 1 fan, and 3 of the others playing FIFA14 on the 360. All of our ladies were at the tattoo shop getting tattoo’d up. When ever our ladies are all out together we turn my place into a gaming hub. The guy delivering Pizza spied through the window, When I answered his response wasn’t “Here’s your pizza”… Nope It was “Dude 2 TV’s… Football and Basketball…. Nice!”


What Saturday’s are for

But the fun couldn’t last all day, and by 6:30 my fiancee was home. But that didn’t mean the guys had to go… nope. The ladies all came back to our place, the guys nipped out for a few alcoholic beverages and the next thing you know my house has gone from a gaming hub to a house party. Nakedness, Boob comparisons, drinking games, dancing, more nakedness… wrestling?? Yep… Another successful Saturday and Saturday night.

Sunday I had to be up early as I was heading into town with my 3 best men, my Fiancee, my dad and her dad to pick out suits for our wedding. What a palaver that was based on some terrible information given to me by staff in store. Still got the majority of the suits sorted, just a few more things to sort out, then that’s one big tick off the list. Once that fuss was over it was a KFC in town with the boys and my dad, then back home in perfect timing for Space Jam on the TV. After that I did my usual Sunday evening of watching some NFL, then had an early night. Saturday night had caught up with me.

Here’s till next Game day.

– Murr

Friday night I treated myself to NBA 2k14, I bought it digitally seeing as a lot of retailers didn’t seem to have any physical copies. I think that will be the last time I buy anything digitally for the Xbox One, it took a horrendous amount of time to install, I’m talking 6 hours, if not a bit more! As I have mentioned before, I don’t know if that’s just my internet download speeds or if it’s just slow from the Xbox store, either way, it’s a painfully long time to have to wait to play a new game.

When it did finally finish installing I jumped straight in to the My Career mode. I created me – as best as I could, and took part in the Rookie Showcase game. Now I haven’t played a lot of NBA games, and only played a couple of games of 2K14 prior to this, so I was pretty terrible. I ended up with a D rating for the game.

When the draft came along, I was eventually picked by the Cleveland Cavaliers. I’m now about 7 games in, and I’m getting about 8 minutes play time each game. But I still suck…

I will say I am really enjoying the game so far. The career mode is pretty in depth and actually has a story, unlike FIFA’s ‘be a pro’ mode (which is what I’m used to). Ok the dialogue in it is pretty cheesy, but it’s still good fun, and adds a little more depth to it, plus its very refreshing for me to play an NBA game, as I’ve played FIFA for so many years, and have gotten very bored of it.

Saturday, I played some more NBA and some Battlefield 4, I’m please to say that I haven’t been experiencing many issues with BF4 which is really good. And I’m just generally having a blast playing it. I was going to include a short video of some nice kills I got but I haven’t got around to uploading them to YouTube… maybe next week.

I also went to see The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. It was great! Yes it’s a bit silly at times, and over the top, but it’s very entertaining, and Smaug is just awesome. To be honest you could set anything in middle earth and I would enjoy it. I just love the whole world that has been created, and think it’s a visual feast!


What do I do with you, little thief?

Sunday, as Murr said it was time to suit up!

I also watched the first episode of Hostages, which started on Channel 4 this weekend. The story follows a family of a surgeon who are taken hostage by a team led by a rogue FBI agent the night before she is scheduled to perform surgery on the President of the United States. She is ordered by the kidnappers to assassinate the President during surgery in order to save her family.

I enjoyed the episode, although I did find some of the acting a bit weak in areas. But it was intriguing enough, and I would like to watch the next episode to see how it all unfolds, as it was left on a nice little cliff hanger.

– Will

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