PS4 Outsells Xbox One for 4th Successive Month in US

The PS4 Steam train continues on and shows little sign of stopping…

NPD has revealed that PS4 outsold Xbox One in April for the fourth month in a row, leaving Microsoft to settle for second place.

The actual sales for the PS4 have’t been revealed although Microsoft have confirmed 115k Xbones were sold in the period, that’s roughly a third of the machines sales from the previous month. Another stat is the previous console the Xbox 360 never sold as few units in the US in April (apart from this year now it’s competing against the Xbone)

That Kinnectless bundle announcement seems to make a lot more sense now, but will it have dented Mays numbers due to the earliness of the announcement?


On a more positive note Titanfall Claimed the best selling game for April for US & UK.

That means it has topped the monthly charts in both countries for two months in a row.

However, Sony says that InFamous: Second Son was the best-selling next-gen game meaning it outdid the Xbox One version of the shooter, which debuted on 360 only last month.

Roll on E3 Bombshells

– Murr



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