Geekly Review #29

Another weekend fades away, Monday morning strikes again…

In the words of the Rock… “Finally Murr has come back to GSRR!!”. Well actually I returned last Tuesday, So just missed out on last week’s Geekly Review. But yes I’m back, I’m married and I’m gutted to not be in Mexico anymore. But it’s back to business and back to blogging and trying to break gaming news to you all.

As you may have seen in the previous Geekly Reviews, the wedding went perfectly, And as Will quite rightly put I was pretty anxious waiting for my wife to walk down the aisle with her father. Incredible moment though finally seeing her. The day was incredible fun, the soft play area went pretty well judging by the photos we’ve got. Will did a stellar job with the best man speech too.

The honeymoon was immense, Coco Bongo’s night club is just incredible and seeing Chichen Itza was mind blowing. Such a sense of awe and wonder being stood next to it. I loved it.


Chichen Itza <3 / Coco Bongo

But anyways, as for the weekend, Friday night was rather awesome as I had 3 episodes of Game of Thrones to catch up on, So my wife and I took all the remaining sweets from the wedding into the living room and plowed through the back log of TV we’d missed. GOT was brilliant, the trial of Tyrion was intense.

Saturday I woke up early to get a newspaper as there was an offer on that you cut out and take a coupon to Toys R Us in exchange for free lego. YES FREE Lego, so I got the batman tumbler Saturday morning. My wife and I then went to a BBQ On the common with some friends playing a bit of footy and having a few beers. It then escalated quickly as I went out Saturday night and reminiscing of Mexico got onto the Tequila.

Sunday was an awesome day as it was WWE day, I went to Cardiff with a friend to the WWE Wrestlemania Revenge Tour. It was incredible seeing Roman Reigns so close, we had amazing seats. But standard Shield entrance through the crowd, Well Reigns was literally stood next to me when he entered. It was amazing… I Marked out so much. A great evening with some great matches, I’ll be writing up on them a little later. I of course had to wear my Mexican wrestling mask I picked up while on honeymoon.


Queuing in my Mask / Yes that’s Reigns (MARK OUT)

I could talk so much about the wedding and honeymoon, but it’s all about the GEEK here, So with that it’s back to it with excitement of E3 being so close!

– Murr

There wasn’t a whole lot of Geeky-ness going on for me this weekend, but with the weather so good, who can blame me?

Every year for the last few years Eat Drink Bristol Fashion comes along and sets up tipis in Queen Square – a local ‘green space’. Therefore Friday night, as the weather was so nice, I popped in to town to bask in the sunshine with a few beers and a few friends down at the tipis.

On Saturday we had invited some friends over for a BBQ, so we really needed to clear out the garden a bit, I know what you are thinking! “Man this guy is so rock & roll”.

I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to BBQ-ing, I don’t like any of this gas rubbish, I’m all about the coals, I don’t care if it takes longer, its more enjoyable, and in my opinion makes the meat taste better! The BBQ was a awesome, and it was a great way to spend an evening.

Sunday morning I played some Super Time Force which I had picked up earlier in the week, but not really had a proper chance to play it.

Capybara’s STF is a side-scrolling, crazy ass action shooter, time travelling, frantic mind f**k.


Looks hectic right?

Basically you have to make your way through a bullet filled level, and once you die – you die a lot, you can rewind time, spawn in another character which will essentially give you two characters on screen. One being the previous one you were controlling – up until the point they die, and the other being the one you are now controlling. Sound confusing? Wait until you have 20+ characters on screen… You then have the chance to save the previous character, and if you do, you get a life boost, where you can take an extra hit, and you also have access to the saved characters abilities, so you essentially dish double damage.

At the moment I have only 4 characters available, as I’m not that far in to the game, I think there are 10 in total. Each one offers a different ability, such as Jean Rambois machine gun, and Amy McKillin’s snipershot, that can shoot through walls. You will have to combine these characters abilities throughout the stages in order to beat them.

The game is pretty tough at times with it being so faced paced, and you can find yourself dying very quickly. In fact there is an achievement for dying within 3 seconds of spawning – which I already have, just to show you how much you will die.

I really like the art style of the game, capybara totally nailed the  classic 8-bit style, and it has an awesome 8-bit sound track to go a long with it.

I recorded my first boss battle to show you what the gameplay looks like. Although the clip is only a minute, it actually took a good 10 minutes of playing, due to rewinding and respawning so much. But you can see that it gets pretty frantic pretty quickly.

I’m really hoping that Capybaras partnership with Microsoft continues for a long while, as STF is awesome, and Below is looking amazing, and I’m hoping for more of the same in the future.

– Will

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    • Thank’s very much, glad to be back (although I think I’d like the idea of blogging from a beach in Mexico full time)

      One of my list of things to buy while there was a authentic Mexican wrestling mask. Bottle of Tequila featured on the list too.

      • I got a mask myself when I was there, though I’ve never had the chance to wear it outside the house! When we’re rich and famous bloggers we can idly post from a beach in Mexico, wearing wrestling masks and drinking bottles of tequila.

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