WWE2k15 To Feature “A Lot” of Game Modes

Some news regarding WWE2k15 game modes have surfaced today, it would appear there will be “A lot” of new modes coming up:

2K Sports has promised that there will be a lot of new games modes that will be coming to WWE 2K15.

During an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Chris Snyder, senior marketing director at 2K Sports talked more on WWE 2K15. One of the interesting things he mentioned during the interview is that “a lot of new game modes” will be in the final game.

For the past two years, Universe mode was a huge part of WWE ’13 and WWE 2K14. Those years also offered the Attitude Era and WrestleMania modes too. The promise of not some but “a lot” of new games modes in WWE 2K15 opens up a lot of interesting possibilities.

It has been rumored there will be a new type of career mode added to WWE 2K15. This is where you create your own wrestler where they start off at NXT. From there, you will advance to the main WWE roster and so forth. It has also been rumored WCW will be a huge part of the game too, but nothing has been 100 percent confirmed yet.

WWE 2K15 releases October 28th for the PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. Internationally, the game comes out on October 31st.

I personally loved the season mode in Smackdown 2 on the Playstation1, if they could emulate something like this again it would be awesome. I also liked reviewing the rating and fan reaction from matches after Pay Per Views. It would be amazing to have small features like this added again to the new gen titles.

I’ve found universe mode fun, but also flawed in that you HAD to have a split roster across 2 shows, whereas today we’re all aware that split has long gone. It’d be nice to freely have as many stars feature on different shows each week.

It’d also be nice if in a new universe mode (if that does happen) that the bouts the game creates for you initially are actually relevant rather than the random Kofi vs Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose & Titus O’Neill (Yes I’ve seen this happen on 2k14) bouts.

Anxiously awaiting more news on this game to pop up.

– Murr

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