Destiny Beta Details

Not long to wait now people! But until then, I will keep you updated on all the latest info that leaks through the Bungie gaps. With that in mind, some fresh info has leaked today via a letter sent to GameStop employees. The letter provides a few more details about the content of the Beta.

destinygamestopAs you can see, the Beta looks set to include four story chapters, four multiplayer maps, and a cooperative strike mission for you and your fellow Guardians to get stuck in to!

I think its safe to assume that the 4 maps available will be Blind Watch on Mars, First Light which is on the moon, Shores of Time on Venus and Rusted Lands on Earth.


Not signed up to be involved in the Beta? Don’t worry you still have time, just head here and you can join too.

The Beta will be kicking off this week for PS4 & PS3, the 17th at 10AM PDT to be specific. It will then launch on Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the 23rd.

If for some mad reason you aren’t going to be pre-ordering, and you own an Xbox One, you might still have the chance to participate, as we will be giving away 2 beta codes in the near future. Keep you eyes peeled for more info soon!

– Will




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