Mario Kart 8 DLC#1 – 2nd Kart Confirmed


Mario Kart 8 DLC is due to hit in November, and we know we’ll be getting 4 new vehicles in that first batch. One vehicle confirmed is the Blue Falcon kart from the F Zero Series (Which looks awesome for the record)

Well a 2nd kart has now been confirmed for that first batch…




Mario Kart DS’s popular vehicle, “B Dasher” will be available on DLC Pack 1. 4 vehicles will be included in the DLC Pack 1, and “B Dasher” will be one of them. “B Dasher” is a top speed oriented vehicle for circuit. Have fun!

The ‘B Dasher’ from Mario Kart DS will be featuring in Mario Kart 8. So far 2 nice new additions to the first DLC pack.

In just case you forgot what the F Zero Kart looked like…


Source –

Roll on November!!

– Murr


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