Destiny Free Trial

Hey you, yea you PS4 players. Have you wanted to try out Destiny, but didn’t want to pay for it? Well now you can! Announced on Twitter, PlayStation has confirmed that you can try out Destiny for free.

What exactly will this trial give you though? Well, the 20gb download will give you access to Earths story missions, the strike mission The Devil’s Lair, plus various patrol missions.

If you should then decide that you want to play more of the game, you can upgrade to the full digital version without having to download anything extra. Doing this will also carry your character over to the full game.

Don’t worry if you are playing on other platforms though, because Activision have also confirmed that this offer will extend to all other consoles. But if you are playing on last gen consoles, the upgrade works slightly differently.

“For those on current-gen platforms, the Destiny trial can instantaneously upgraded to the full game via their console’s digital storefront — no further download required. Those playing on last-gen consoles, however, will need to purchase a copy of Destiny digitally or through retail, independent of the demo.”

There has been no indication of how long this promotion will last, so get on it quick!

There you have it. Why not go and give it a go.

– Will


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