Nintendo Humble Indie Bundle

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  1. omarbanzai says:

    This bundle looks interesting!

    Out of the 8 games, I only played Guacamelee.
    Did you try any of the other 7 games? What’s your take on them?

    1. Murr_GSRR says:

      I’ve played SteamWorld Dig on the PS4 when it featured as one of the PS+ Games. I Enjoyed what I did play of it. It’s an addictive little game.

      And I’ve played OliOli 2 but never tried the original. I’m afraid personally I didn’t get on with OliOli2 if I’m honest. I couldn’t get to grips with the control method.

      Guacamelee is a fun title that I had again with PS4 PS+ and enjoyed it.

      But those are the only one’s I’ve played there. Woah Dave! Seems to be universally praised though with reviews and metacritic score as does Mighty Switch Force!

      1. omarbanzai says:

        Argh, I just discovered that this bundle is region-locked and only available in America…
        Since I live in France, might as well go pick the games individually on the eShop.

        Thanks for your opinion on the games though!

  2. Well I was excited, but then Nintendo decided to be Nintendo and region-lock it, abusing European fans again. Ah well, maybe some day!

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