Nintendo Humble Indie Bundle


We all know about the Humble Bundles that are available on a regular basis through Humble Bundle. It’s a great way to add often brilliant titles to your gaming collection be it indie titles or AAA bundle packs, for what ever price you feel like you wish to pay. Exceptions on some cases where you may need to pay a minimum of £10 for some games, but still £10 for as many as 8 games in one bundle, you can’t complain.

Well Nintendo are featuring on the Humble Bundle with the “Humble Nindie Bundle Pack” which consists of a collection of indie titles playable for 3DS and WiiU.

Now before you get too excited, the games featured aren’t exclusive Nintendo offerings, but a batch of popular indie titles. And the games on offer aren’t to shabby with the likes of Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, OliOli, Woah Dave and more. Check it out:


Quite an impressive collection



Games that feature the WiiU and 3DS logo means you’ll receive both versions of the game with your payment.

The only catch to this nice little offer, It’s currently region locked to United States only.


– Murr

4 thoughts on “Nintendo Humble Indie Bundle

  1. This bundle looks interesting!

    Out of the 8 games, I only played Guacamelee.
    Did you try any of the other 7 games? What’s your take on them?

    • I’ve played SteamWorld Dig on the PS4 when it featured as one of the PS+ Games. I Enjoyed what I did play of it. It’s an addictive little game.

      And I’ve played OliOli 2 but never tried the original. I’m afraid personally I didn’t get on with OliOli2 if I’m honest. I couldn’t get to grips with the control method.

      Guacamelee is a fun title that I had again with PS4 PS+ and enjoyed it.

      But those are the only one’s I’ve played there. Woah Dave! Seems to be universally praised though with reviews and metacritic score as does Mighty Switch Force!

      • Argh, I just discovered that this bundle is region-locked and only available in America…
        Since I live in France, might as well go pick the games individually on the eShop.

        Thanks for your opinion on the games though!

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