#LoveIndies – Coffence review

Platform: PC / Xbox one / Playstation 4
Players: 1- 4
Publisher/Developer: Sweet Bandits Studios
Price: £10.99 (PC – Steam)
Genre: Action coffee based fighter?

I want to start off by saying that myself and Will had more non stop laughing fits playing this game than I have in any other games in a long time.

We launched up Coffence without any real idea what we were in store for, other than the fact it was a fighter game and it was less than losely based around Coffee.

What exactly is Coffence?

Coffence is described on steam as:

” a fast-paced blend of fighting games and twin stick shooters with a dash of caffeine. Coffee is literally your health bar and every hit ejects the precious liquid up in the air for anyone to take. Experience dramatic reversals and tense stand-offs as you fight to the last drop with up to four players. “

Steam – Fight till the last drop

We probably should have read that before launching it up, but honestly I’m glad we didn’t.

The character select screen

Our first battle was a fight to the last drop between Brewce and Brewce.

Brewce won.

The basis of Coffence

The concept behind Coffence is great. Each player chooses a different vessel of coffee (tiny espresso up to big coffee pot), and this is your ‘life’. You then duel, quite literally, hands behind backs and everything, until your opponents vessel is empty.

There’s definitely a fair amount of skill to it, being able to whip out your coffee cup not knock that sweet java out of your opponents hand. We did however, possess none of the aforementioned skill and we pretty much just flailed about, crying with laughter.

Yes, you can play as a dog, and a pirate, and on a boat…

Available game modes

Apart from the standard 1v1, Coffence offers up a few other great game modes, to name a few:

  • Duel (the 1v1)
  • Brawl – 4 player mode offering free for all or team based combat.
  • Party – 4 player mode which brings new ways to play that don’t just revolve around combat
  • Dropzone – Either 1v1 or 2v2, each team has their own that they can’t leave whilst a drone in the centre starts throwing drops to both sides. The teams must prevent the drops from landing.
  • Beanball – Kind of like volleyball really.
  • A story mode! – I’m yet to dive into this just yet – “Delve deep in Coffence’s strange lore with story mode to add new cups to your collection and unlock a secret character”
Ultimately we both just ended up playing as dogs the entire time, it felt more fair.

In summary

I really enjoyed Coffence, we got a fair few hours out of it and I’m really keen to jump back in with a group of 4. I’ve no doubt that it would be a great laugh and a lot of fun.

Coffence isn’t the sort of game you’re ever likely to be ‘good at’, but it’s a great bit of fun and everything you would expect from this sort of game (if such a thing even exists).

I’m going to be jumping back in to the story mode sometime soon, so I’ll be sure to update the review or post a new one when I do.

A great example of why we love indie games so much, and well delivered by Sweet Bandits Studios

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