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All things PC gaming, and massive WoW nerd. Writer/Dev for Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat

Roccat Kain 120 AIMO Gaming mouse review

We were lucky enough to be sent the Roccat Kain 120 for review, but all opinions are completely honest and based on extensive usage of the product. This is part of our new hardware review section Product: Titan-Click RGB Gaming…

This Dead Winter – Kickstarter highlight

We obviously love a good Kickstarter here at Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat. Anything crowd funded that supports new, exciting indie developed games is right up our street. One in particular that has caught my eye though, is This Dead Winter.…

Rocket league swaps crates out for ‘blueprints’ in an effort to make it more transparent

This December, Rocket League from Psyonix will see an update in which they remove all of their crates and keys entirely, in exchange for a new vanity item mechanic called Blueprints.

The GSRR Steam curator page

Here at Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat we’re always looking for ways to help people find the right games for them, be that through reviews, guides or recommendations our goal is often to give our fellow gamers some insight into whether…

#LoveIndies – Coffence review

Platform: PC / Xbox one / Playstation 4Players: 1- 4Publisher/Developer: Sweet Bandits StudiosPrice: £10.99 (PC – Steam)Genre: Action coffee based fighter? I want to start off by saying that myself and Will had more non stop laughing fits playing this game…

World of Warcraft Classic: The hype is real

On the 27th August 2019, with an active WoW subscription you’ll be able to login to World of Warcraft, Classic. Many people have been excited about the soon to be released Classic World of Warcraft, and getting their hands back…

Community roundup #1: A new feature from GSRR

Over the years, Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat have had a lot of love, shares and general community goodness from other content creators in the gaming space. As part of that community, we want to make sure we’re giving back. Our…

Apex Legends: What’s new in patch 1.1.1

The latest Apex Legends patch is going live at 10am PST, or 6pm GMT for the UK folks. TL;DR Buffs to Gibraltar and Caustic (10% damage reduction) Updates to snipers to make long ranged gameplay more viable Wingman and Spitfire…

10 Apex legends tips and tricks to make you a better player

Our top 10 tips to getting the edge on other Apex Legends

Unruly Heroes: PC review

A look at Unruly heroes on PC. What a beautiful game with some challenging multi-character puzzles!

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