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10 Apex legends tips and tricks to make you a better player

Our top 10 tips to getting the edge on other Apex Legends

Unruly Heroes: PC review

A look at Unruly heroes on PC. What a beautiful game with some challenging multi-character puzzles!

Monster Loves You! – Switch review

An interactive story that brings a smile to your face. Definitely one for the kids, but I’m not going to lie I really enjoyed playing through this one. It oozes charm. Monster Loves you! Platforms: Switch, PC Age rating: 3…

How to listen to Discord and Nintendo switch through the same PC speakers/headset

A quick guide detailing how you can listen to your in-game sounds from your switch, and your Discord and PC sounds from your computer,

Steam Summer Sale 2016 TOP PICKS

So here we are again. We all get fully on the hype train for the steam sale (which by the way, never seems to come after payday…) Needless to say I’ve always found myself drawn to the largest number in…

Some not so MLG CS:GO moments

Here’s a video of our team being a bit shit. I won’t go on…

CS:GO Chroma 2 is here!

As you may have noticed this is the first CS:GO related post here. I’ve only recently started playing, and vowed that as long as I was as Silver I’d refrain from posting anything about it. I’m currently Silver Elite Master,…

First Look: H1Z1 Review + hints and tips

OK, so the first thing I’m going to do is make it clear that his post isn’t about issues at launch, bugs or anything else that you would be expected to tolerate when buying a game in the very clearly labeled…

Hearthstone released for Android Tablets

So it’s finally here. For all those Hearthstone fans that fancy giving a go, on the go. You can now find it on the Amazon Appstore for Android and Google Play It seems the release is initially only available in…

The Era of Early Access

Astronaut or Rock Star? Those were the two career choices I’d given myself by the times was 8.  A little cliché? Maybe, but I was already so into Power Rangers and Lego that I’d surpassed caring if that was the case.…

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