10 Apex legends tips and tricks to make you a better player

Here at Geek Sleep Rinse Repeat, we’ve been putting some serious hours into Apex, and getting more and more wins under our belt. So here are our top tips to getting the edge on other players and becoming a champion.

First thing’s first, I want to get one bonus tip out of the way:

Bonus tip: Movement is KEY

One of the best things in Apex Legends is the movement. Sliding down hills, scrambling up building sides, jumping off cliffs whilst unloading a full clip.

It’s no use having great aim if you’re going to pop up exactly where your enemy expects you to. Use the brilliant movement mechanics to your advantage. Flanking quickly in a firefight is often the difference between coming out on top or having to requeue.

1. Use your vertical space

Using your vertical space to get the advantage on your enemies can make all the difference when you’re in a firefight. Get on the roof, climb up and over the box you’re strafing round. Taking your enemy by surprise by getting  up and over has won me so many encounters.

Pathfinders grapple and Octanes jump pad allow you to make extra use of your vertical space.

2. Put your gun away

A weird tip in a first person shooter. But the speed boost that you gain from running with your gun holstered in Apex, and the draw speed means that you’re able to holster your gun to get that extra speedy flank and not get caught out.

3. Stay with your team

Everyone gets mad about this one, it’s a team game right? There are two ways to be guilty here. The first is to just sprint off (Wraith, I’m looking at you) without your team “like a pro” and get yourself killed. The second is to just lag behind the rest of the group picking up every possible bit of loot that might make you more badass, if you ever make it to the battle…

  • Don’t sprint off without communicating to your team
  • Move with your team if they’re progressing. Apex is a fast moving game, keep up

4. Stop f***ing looting

This one applies to any battle royale game. Loot what you need and get into the fight. Nobody needs a level 3 barrel stabiliser. The best way to gear up in Apex Legends is to get a gun and some armour, and get straight to killing. Let other players loot up and take their stuff.

5. Don’t linger after a fight

Pretty much the same advice as the last point. Once you’ve finished off a squad, be as quick as you can looting what you need from their boxes, and always expect to be jumped by another squad. People flock towards gunshots in Apex Legends, if you’ve been in a firefight you’ve likely got someone on their way to kill you.

6. Head towards the gunfire

You know when you’re in the middle of a firefight with another squad, and an annoying third squad joins the party and cleans up all the shieldless victims,  including you. In short, be that annoying squad. Heading towards gunfire with an aim to sandwich a squad off and get the kills, the players involved will likely be taken by surprise, and quite possibly low on health already. Easy pickings.

7. Don’t save your ultimate

A lot of people spend most the game with their ultimate fully charged, and by the time you actually get to use it during that ‘perfect’ moment, you could have used and charged it up twice over.

Wraith – Use your tunnel it to allow your team to loot up a little bit more without wasting time

Caustic – Block off a team pushing you, or use it just for the visibility bonus. You’re probably never going to get that triple smoke kill…

Bangalor – Force a team out of position, or even create a diversion allowing you to flank around

Octane – It charges up super quick, so you have no excuses to spam it whenever you can

Pathfinder – Pure movement, get places faster or use it for a flank.

Mirage – Your ultimate sucks, sorry.

Lifeline –  I can’t imagine anyone is ever saving this one, although one tip I would give would be not to use it towards the end of the game if it’s likely to give your position away.

Bloodhound – Although this is brilliant during a fight, it can be really useful to act as a scout for your team to snoop out players when you’re not currently in a fight.

Gibraltar – Same as Bangalor really, this is the only one that really has a chance to do some serious damage, but don’t be afraid to use it to force people out of cover.

8. Never stand still

This isn’t a groundbreaking one, but it’s surprising how many people do this! If you are stopping to loot, or holding a position to snipe, never stop moving. Perfect that battleroyale wiggle moving left/right constantly so nobody can line up that perfect Kraber headshot.

9. Pay attention to the damage indicators

The hit indicator in Apex Legends is pretty dynamic, meaning it shows the colour of the shield the enemy has when you hit them by colour. If you engage a squad and you shoot a lifeline and see a purple indicator, you should be calling this out so your teammates know exactly what they’re up against.

Breaking a purple shield

Also, call out shield breaks. That smashing noise you hear when you break through a players shield is so useful to know when to push. Let your team know when you’ve broken a shield and who it’s on, maybe drop a cheeky ping for good measure.

10. Don’t get too thirsty

Being thirsty in a battle royale basically means you always try and finish off downed players straight away. Sometimes this is a good idea, but the majority of the time if you down a player that you can still see, focus on their remaining team mates. Players are more likely to make silly mistakes if they’re trying to get to their downed friend, and they’re far more pressured to push you even if it’s not the best tactical move.

Get those wins in!

That’s it for now

Hopefully there are some useful tips in there, and they give you a little bit of a leg-up to getting some more wins under your belt.

If you’ve got any tips you’d like to share, get in touch on twitter @ROSSGSRR

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