Geekly Review #144


It’s a shorter GR this weekend as we weren’t up to all that much Geeky over the week and weekend unfortunately.

7 Days To Die

If you’ve been reading the GR’s over the last month, you’ll be right up to date with where I am on my single player server of 7DTD, and where we are on our joint server that I’m playing with 2 friends. Well over the week after studying a map of Navezgane we figured out where we were in the world on the joint server and picked a strategic point to move to and set up another home. This would be our 3rd move since we started this server. We’re smack bang in the middle of the forest with Diersville and the corn fields in close range. We’ve started building up our houses now deciding it’d be fun to have one each and really try to capture that Woodsbury feel from Walking Dead.

As for my solo server, I’m currently doing pretty darned well. I’ve got my own corn, coffee and blueberries fields now. I’m building bridges all over the place to make traveling a little quicker, and I’ve taken to my most mammoth task yet. I’m trying to tunnel under the burnt forest to the desert biome. This is going to take longer that I’d anticipated. After what felt like days of digging, I checked the map to see my progress expecting to be almost through. I wasn’t even quarter of the way through.

But the best news to come from my solo server… I now have a mini bike.



Suicide Squad – It’s As Good As Green Lantern (The Ryan Reynolds one)

Genuinely unexpected news, and actually disappointing news. DC’s next step into their shared movie universe is also a total blowout critically. Taking a lot of harsh reviews, based on it’s current review scores it is sat at 26% rotten on Rotten Tomatoes. That’s just a bit better than Batman vs Superman. It’s another blow and DC fans are taking this perhaps a little worse than expected with petitions to get Rotten Tomatoes shut down as they believe they are unfarily reviewing the films in comparison to Marvels Universe films. However despite its absolutely terrible reviews…

Suicide Squad Breaks Box Office Records

Yep, for the time being it appears the reviews have not effected the opening week of the film as it has smashed box office records. Guardians of the Galaxy set the bar for an August movie release with a $94.3m opening. Suicide Squad has made a colossal $135.1m so far. Worldwide it’s currently sat on $260+M (at the time of this article). So it’s not all doom and gloom. But Batman Vs Superman has an impressive debut week but the poor reviews and negative word of mouth resulted in humongous week 2 drops and eventually finishing it’s box office run under $1Billion. So Warner Brothers must be hoping this doesn’t happen again.



Video Game Reviews

During the week, We’ve managed to get 2 reviews up for some new games. This is the Police and The Magic Circle. Checkout what we thought about them.

This is the Police

The Magic Circle: Gold Edition

– Murr


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