Geekly Review #222

The latest round up of our Geekly activities is here again. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

Board Games

So after weeks or maybe months of trying to organise, Will and I finally caught up with some friends to play some board games. We’ve got a batch we’re due to review, so this session was to try some of those. We played 2 games in this session.One game called Azul which is about creating tile art patterns to earn points, and the second game called Otys about again like most games, scoring points, but doing so by deep sea diving for resource and prestige. There will be more in depth thoughts to come. The first game Azul was pretty interesting and really easy to learn. But as quick as it was to pick up, it also ended really abruptly when Matt completed one line of tiles which apparently signalled the end of the game. You can earn potentially into the 100’s points in this game, but I think I only reached 15 myself, with Matt winning just on just over 25 points. Really quick, but I’m sure there’s more tactical play to it. Otys was certainly a game of 2 halves. The initial starting phase was pretty horrendous, but that’s definitely more to do with the fact we weren’t sure what to do as it’s a new game to pick up the rules on. But as the game progressed it ended up being a really fun and enjoyable experience. Maybe even more so because I actually won this game. But there was some great elements of strategy to try and achieve, but it could all come crashing down on you if a rival player takes a resource or uses a specific bonus before your go. A game that certainly did get better the more we understood how to play it.

Resident Evil 4

So while I’ve been stupidly addicted to Stardew Valley again, and have put close to another 70 hours in my return to the game, I thought I should try to pull myself away from it and get back to how I was at the start of the year with smashing through the back log of games and the Christmas haul I’d gained. One game from the Christmas haul was the remaster of the absolute classic from the Gamecube / PS2 era, Resident Evil 4.

Now I’ve completed this, but it was some years back on the Gamecube, So this play through has actually felt like a new game for me, although of course the bosses all came flooding back when I reached certain areas such as the lake and the area you fight El Gigante. Lots of nostalgia and memories coming back while playing this. So I’m only about 4 hours into it, but have cleared El Gigante and the Lake Boss, and have the presidents daughter with me now. This is where the fun truly will begin as I try to remember what is the best way to keep her safe.

I actually forget that this was released the generation before Xbox360 / PS3 and not actually on those consoles and in fairness, It could pass as a 360/PS3 game in instances. I can remember it being a visual show piece back in the day, and it’s still not bad to look at today. Game-play wise it’s a lot tougher than I remember. Aiming with Leon is certainly not how I remember it, but I’m getting used to it. And I swear it wasn’t this difficult back in the day. I know Resident Evil games are all about ammo being a luxury but damn. El Gigante was difficult. I’m thankful I saved the dog in the early stages of the game, as I completely forgot he’ll come to aid you later on in the game, and I have to say, it was a relief to see him. Well onto the pick up point now with the precious cargo.

– Murr

Abandon Ship

Last week saw the release of Abandon Ship, a game I’ve been following and bigging up for quite some time. People are already comparing it to FTL and in some cases saying it’s better, and whilst I can understand the comparison a little bit I can’t say that I’ve played enough to really say whether it’s better or not. Also, I never really got in to FTL all that much.

In Abandon Ship you control a ship and must escape the clutches a cult after you ran away from them. I guess you could say your character had an epiphany and realised that being in this cult probably wasn’t a good thing… maybe it had something to do with them summoning the Kraken.

On your ship you will have a crew, each man can have their own special abilities that will suit certain jobs like reloading the guns quicker. As you progress you’ll be able to hire new crew and buy upgrades to your ship that will help you better defend yourself.

I’m not that far in to it yet, but so far I’m impressed, the gameplay has been fun, the story is interesting and engaging, the world building has been full on intrigue. I’m excited to jump deeper in to it.

I’ve also started playing it on my channel, so you can check out some gameplay if you want!

Vemintide 2

I didn’t ever play loads of the first Vermintide game, what I did play I enjoyed, but a lot of it felt very grindy and getting new weapons always felt like really slow progress. But that 4 player co-op thing was always good fun and I was keen to try out Vermintide 2. Luckily I snagged a Beta code and got to play a little over the weekend.

I’ll be honest, I’ve not been following the second game very much so I don’t know entirely what’s new beyond new maps and some new enemies. I know they’ve expanded the classes so that each one has a number of ‘professions’ that you can unlock and progress with, but truth be told I don’t know how they’re different. In any case, only the standard classes were unlocked at the start of the Beta.

The good thing is, is if you liked the first you’ll probably like this one too as it’s kind of more of the same. Hacking you way through hordes of enemies is still very much the focus of the game. There are some new enemies though in the form of Chaos Warriors of various shapes and sizes – one of which, the Chaos spawn, is bigger than the Rat Ogre and a formidable foe. It also seems like there is more dismemberment too, which I though was very satisfying indeed.

I feel like the game looks a lot better than the first one, but I’m not sure if that’s just because I have a new monitor now…

I enjoyed what I played although I mostly got my ass kicked. As I said, if you liked the first you’ll probably like this one too.

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