E3 2018 – Square-Enix Conference Summary

Square-Enix have seen a turnaround of fortunes this generation with some pretty stellar outputs in the likes of Tomb Raider, Hitman, World of Final Fantasy and of course Final Fantasy 15 with other games also dropping out. But they are also sat on quite a lot more to reveal. So They’ve returned to the conference scene and are ready to hopefully reveal some release dates for Final Fantasy 7 Remake as well as show off more of Hitman 2 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider that were already announced in the build up to E3. Just Cause 4 unfortunately leaked prior to E3, so perhaps we’ll see more of that here too. Here’s what Square-Enix brought to us in their conference.

Matsuda introduces us to the Showcase via a pre-recorded video to introduce us to their 2018 line up and beyond. We’re advised to stay till the very end.

Shadow of The Tomb Raider is the first game we’re shown. Looking forward to this having enjoyed the previous 2 games in this rebooted series. Lara will have to take on a brutal jungle environment. She will have to become one with the jungle in order to beat trinity.

Stormblood Final Fantasy gets a trailer next.

Monster Hunter World & Final Fantasy 14 Online logos flash on the screen. In Summer 2018 there will be a Monster Hunter World & Final Fantasy 14 combined event or game?

Next up we get another look at Dotnod’s Captain Spirit that we were showed last night at the Microsoft conference. It’s available to download for free on June 26th. It’s one of the many stories of the world of Life is Strange.

DragonQuest 11 trailer is up next. It’ll be out on 4th September.

Trailer for a game called Babylons Fall is shown next developed by Platinum games and due out in 2019 for PS4 and Steam.

Nier Automata is next, a Masterpiece discovers a new home on Xbox One.

A Nintendo Switch logo clicks onto the screen for a look at Octopath Traveler coming in June.

Straight into a Just Cause 4 trailer now. I really enjoyed JC3 despite getting it late, and this is looking good fun. Out on December 4th

A trailer starts with the New York City skyline, it’s a trailer with real actors not any videogame play. it switches to gameplay and a title called “The Quite Man appears”. More to come in August and it’s for PS4 and Steam.

Next up we get more Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s the same trailer from the Microsoft presentation.

And that’s it, looks like FF7Remake and the possible Square-Enix Avengers game will be revealed at the PlayStation event.

– Murr

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