Warhammer- Rediscovering a hobby

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  1. quietschisto says:

    For the Emperor!

    Warhammer 40k is one of my favourite fandoms. I don’t play or paint, but I immensly enjoy the lore and artworks. And to look at other peoples’ miniatures (just in case that wasn’t covered by “artworks”).

    1. willgsrr says:

      I used to read some of the books when I was younger, but not much else in terms of the lore. I’ve not really played a proper game of it. I just enjoy painting the models really.

      1. quietschisto says:

        That’s cool, too. My dad collects and paints Lord of the Rings models. He’s even gone so far as to build his own castle and siege equipment. Now he made his own molds to “mass produce” castle pieces. We play maybe one game per year, but my nephews love to play with the castle 🙂

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