Geekly Reveiw #6

I think it’s fair to say that the Christmas feeling is well and truly underway, and with another week gone, and with only 16 days to go, it’s time for another Geekly Review.

Saturday was time to start a bit of Christmas shopping, but what actually happened was I ended up buying myself some presents…
I’ve had my eye on Pretty Deadly for a few weeks now, but only got around to picking it up this weekend.

If you don’t know what Pretty Deadly is, it’s the comic series written by Kelly Sue DeConnick with artwork from Emma Rios and published by Image Comics. Set in a Western fantasy land, narrated by a Bunny and a Butterfly, the story of Ginny is told. Oh, yea, Ginny just happens to be deaths daughter by the way.


I picked up Issues 1 & 2

I won’t go in to detail too much, as being pretty short I could easily give away to much.

The artwork is beautifully and violent in equal measures. The story can be a little confusing at times due to the number of characters being introduced and the story jumping between all of them. But it’s still a really great comic, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next instalment due in just over a week.

I also took a quick trip to Blockbusters seeing as they are closing down, there wasn’t much left by the time I got there but I did pick up Remember Me for the paltry sum of £6.

I’ve only played about an hour so far, so can’t really say too much about it. But it seems ok, worth £6 I guess. But I’m not to gripped just yet.

In the evening Murr, brought his PS4 over to mine, and my girlfriend cooked some mighty fine pulled pork, the recipe of which can be found here.

I won’t harp on about the PS4, as Murr has already talked about it here but I thought it was an impressive console, the controller is much improved, NBA 2k14 was really good, Killzone, looked pretty good. However, it hasn’t swayed me on getting one, I still want the Xbox One. Maybe next Christmas I will want the PS4, but for now, I’m happy to wait for it.

Sunday was all about Christmas. We got the tree, the decorations went up, the Christmas films were on, the mince pies were out, what more could you want!?


Christmas has arrived in my house!

– Will

Friday night I was told by my fiance she was going out for drinks with some of her friends, so I did what any other guy would do in this situation, Invited the guy’s who’s girlfriends were going out over to play some games. I set the PS4 and Xbox360 up downstairs and purchased some cider. By 7pm the guys arrived and I introduced them to the PS4 and NBA2k14. They helped me out in my MyGM mode, and we got through a fair few games. Fortunately they picked it up quickly so my record remained in tact and my goals were still on. I’ll come back to NBA a little later…

Saturday as Will mentioned I went over to his place to wang out and introduced him to Greatness. While there was no negativity directed towards the console I’m aware Will wants an Xbone, so wasn’t expecting to convert him. However I’m pleased to say that that Sony can count 3 future PS4 sales down to me from Friday night.

Sunday I did similar to Will in having a Christmas movie marathon with my fiance, We didn’t get through as much as planned only watching Home Alone and Muppets Christmas Carol. Got more planned in the next few days. I’m now into my final week at work. Friday 13th I’ll be finishing work not returning till 2nd January, I cannot wait for the weeks of gaming and TV ahead of me.

A little note on VGX or VGA’s as they were known as. I saw a lot of people got annoyed that Grand Theft Auto V picked up game of the year over The Last of Us. Having not played TLOU I can’t say anything negative towards it, but to say that GTAV didn’t deserve it is pretty unbelievable. It is a truly stunning game.

I’d also like to ask what the hell Nintendo are playing at currently. All this hype that Reggie will be there, “Oh it’s going to be a megaton!!”…. Nope it was Cranky. Cranky fucking Kong announced for DKCR:Tropical Freeze. There was a collective groan on the internet when this was announced and I was part of that collective. Unbelievable news.


Walking Dead Mid season finale was spectacular. I won’t spoiler here for the benefit of Will and anyone else who may be behind. But hot damn you need to find time to watch this. And I also found some time to watch the first 4 episodes of an anime i’d been recommended called Initial D. A street racing type anime. Have to say so far so good, only 4 episodes in, but plenty of time coming up to get further into it.

And lastly I’d now like to ask you a question. I’d really appreciate the help if you can. On NBA2k14, In MyGM Mode my projected income was flying, around the $31m mark. Well after a game on the 25th January, from that point on I was making no money at each game. No money from tickets, merchandise… nothing. I’ve not changed anything in terms of structure of pricing for things, so no idea why this is happening. My current projected income is now $13m as I enter the play off’s. I suspect should I go all the way I’ll be looking at less. So if anyone else has experienced this please let me know.
– Murr


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