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Nintendo – Out of touch?

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  1. My biggest fear for Nintendo is that they’re losing their relevance. Yes they make excellent games but each game is, once you break it down, just an evolution of the former in the series. Can’t think of anything new since Pikmin. I’m hoping they’ll decide to just focus on software sooner rather than later.

    Not sure the sales comparison is entirely fair though. Metroid Prime 1 & 2 were released on a console that didn’t have the penetration of the Wii and Donkey Kong Country Returns was released four or five years into the Wii’s cycle rather than 12 months in like Metroid Prime 3. Buy which point there would be many more Wiis in many more homes and Metroid would (most probably) have been forgotten about. Would be interesting to see the units sold per consoles available to play it on at the time. 1.76m out of 10m Wiis is a much higher percentage than 5.99m out of 80m Wiis.

    Then again, I could just be splitting hairs!

  2. Murr_GSRR says:

    I guess as long as the 3DS is successful they still have their own license to print money. The catalogue of games available for it, and still to come out are incredible. Plus I guess they must still have a huge war chest left from the Wii. Can’t see them dropping out of the hardware business any time soon. If the Wii U turned out to be a 2nd Gamecube I’d be happy, the titles that Nintendo pumped onto the Cube were awesome.

    Good points on the Metroid sales though, I never took into account the time scales of the life of the console when MP3 and DKCR were released, so yeah that could very well of changed things if there was a larger user base there for MP3 launch.

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