Geekly Review #16

So what follows a good weekend… A Monday morning Geekly Review…

As we’re all aware Friday was international Love day, aka Valentines day. My fiancee and I don’t really care for it, we don’t do any soppy mushy stuff. However as a guy there is always the thought at the back of your mind of “do they really mean they don’t care?” so to scratch that itch I got a card and hid it my fiancee’s car for her to find when she went to work.

She then surprised me when she got home from work with a new dvd to watch… The Wolverine. Awesome! So Friday night was spent with a pizza, some junk food and Wolverine which I really enjoyed. Perhaps a little silly towards the end, but hey. Interesting credit scene too.


Saturday was spent lazing around and going to get some food. I then spent the majority of the afternoon playing GTA: Vice City Stories on PS2. Yeah Strange I had an urge to play this again. I really enjoyed the empire building aspect of the game, While empires and businesses features in other GTA titles, they aren’t quite as well thought out as Vice City Stories. I’m planning to play through all the 3d Era titles in chronological order as I love the overall story and to this day still believe it’s one of the best stories across multiple titles. I did forget how much of an Idiot Lance Vance is though in this prior to his ‘cool’ attitude in Vice City.

I then headed over to GSRR’s number 1 fan’s house to watch the NBA All Star Saturday. Some impressive 3 throws and dunks, and a lot of giggles on the comparison of Chris Bosh and a Raptor from Jurassic Park.

Sunday was again another day of doing nothing, apart from gaming and TV Catchup. I’m now up to date with Mob City which I’m loving, quite gutted to hear the season finale is next week (And From what I’ve heard cancelled too 🙁 ), Spoils of Babylon which is just as stupid as the first episode (in a good way) and Brooklyn 99. I also recorded the first Episode of Flemming as a Bond fan, I need to watch this.


Cancelled Already? Damn

Finally followed up by more Vice City Stories. Already looking forward to getting back to Vice City later on today.

– Murr

I had a long weekend as I took a day off work on Friday, no this wasn’t for Valentines Day. But it also wasn’t just to be lazy and play games either. It was actually to help out my girlfriend with and event she was running. Basically I was acting roadie and setting up equipment. But hey it wasn’t normal work, and it did mean we went for a very nice burger for lunch, so I’m happy.

In the evening we attended the aforementioned event, which was this In a nut shell it was a 1920’s themed party. It was a brilliant night, with lots of great entertainment from bands, burlesque, and DJ’s. All in all it was a party Mr Gatsby would have been proud of.

Saturday involved a little more roadie work. But once that was out of the way, I got a little time to play some BF4 and then a little DayZ. You can now catch up with Hugo’s latest adventure here.

You may have heard that on Sunday the Titanfall Beta went open. As soon as I woke up I started downloading it. I only managed to squeeze in a handful of games. But so far it’s really good fun. There are 3 gameplay modes on offer, Attrition which it basically Team Death Match. Then there is Hardpoint, which is Domination. Finally you have Last Titan Standing. I didn’t get around to playing any LTS, but it sounds like it will be pretty good. Obvious comparisons to Call of Duty are drawn, and you can see why. It does play a bit like it. But with added giant pilot-able robots. The gameplay is really fluid, and fast paced. The controls are tight, and the shooting mechanics are pretty spot on. Jumping around from building to building is really easy, and once you master it, you will really be able to zip around the map.
I recorded a bit of gameplay which you can watch below. And look out for some more later this week, with a bit more of an in depth look at the game.

– Will

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  1. I’ve also been having a lot of fun on the beta. It took some time to get used to but the more I play it, the more I like it. It’s a very unique game and I expect that Titanfall will see great success when it drops on March 11th. Nice blog and thanks for the follow, brother! Hope to hear more from you soon!

    -Patrick, of

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