Geekly Review #18

Monday! Which means its “Banished competition winner announcement time” – snappy title I know!

Over the weekend we ran a little competition for one person to win a copy of Banished.

So without further ado the randomly selected winner is… Drum roll….

David Acreman

Congratulations to David, we will drop you a message for your email, and get the game to you ASAP.

So, back to the update!

Friday night I picked up Thief on Xbox One. So far so good I’ve up to completed chapter 2, so I’m a few hours in, but not that far. It seems like a good stealth game so far. Gameplay is pretty good, although at times, not as fluid as it could be. And the view point seems a little too close to Garretts hands, it just looks a little odd. But other than that, creeping around in the shadows, taking people down, stealing everything, it’s all pretty good fun.

Saturday me and my girlfriend took a trip to Middle Earth. Okay, not quite Middle Earth but look at it! You can just imagine Legolas and the gang running around here.


Cheddar Gorge, AKA Middle Earth

It was actually Cheddar Gorge, seeing as we had both never been before we thought it might be a nice day out, and it was!

To top off the day, we went to the UK’s best independent Pizzeria, that’s not even an exaggeration, it actually won that award. ┬áThe place was A Cappellas, it was delicious, and I think fully deserving of their title.

Sunday was a bit more of a relaxed day, and I played a little more Thief, but not much, a little DayZ, so expect episode 4 of the DayZ diaries later this week, and I got back on the Football Manager after quite a long hiatus from it, again expect a continuation of my FM diaries later this week.

We also went to watch The Wolf of Wall Street, what a great film it was! Leo Dio was excellent and, had he won an Oscar for it, I don’t think anyone would have begrudged him to much. Alas, it wasn’t to be, and his search, or rather the internets ‘want’ for him to get one, goes on.

– Will

Well I’m actually afraid I’ve had a 2nd week in a row with little gaming taking place. But it was still a rather eventful weekend.

Friday I met my fiancee at the mall after work. We had a fun time in that we were allowed to run around John Lewis (massive department store) with a scanner, scanning items to add to our wedding gift list. We only had an hour due to having a meal booked, but it was good fun adding bits and bobs we could do with for our kitchen and living room. We’ve got plans to add a few more things that slipped our minds, And yes we then went for pizza at Pizza Express. Not quite as nice as Will’s pizza I assume, but still enjoyable. This was followed by some drinks at the local wetherspoons.

Saturday I had 2 friends over for a few games of FIFA and WWE, then off to the pub to watch some football. After that it was back to mine for some more beers and FIFA. With the fiancee still out a friends house getting her fix of Thor, I put on the 50 Years of WWE dvd my friend was kind enough to let me borrow and got some nostalgic WWE on to end the Saturday night.

Sunday I decided to go back to Battlefield 4 Campaign as I hadn’t touched it in a while. When I went to load my game I found my progress gone and I had to start again. Not cool. I did a few levels but then switched off.

I’m currently in study mode as I have 2 exams coming up midway through March, so I spent a couple hours revising. I’m also trying to not buy new games until after these exams so I don’t get distracted from revising. After enough revision time I went onto the PC for a few more hours of Football Manager. That wrapped up my weekend.

I’m afraid my updates for the next few weekends could be considerably tame other than revision and wedding shenanigans, but if there’s time i’ll always try to squeeze some gaming in.

– Murr

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