Gamescom 2014 – Sony

Well the next conference up from Gamescom was Sony.

So before the conference officially started, Sony showed off a trailer for Little Big Planet 3 & Bloodbourne to keep the crowd entering and those watching the live stream at home entertained.

Then came an introduction video featuring snips of upcoming games to PS4 both exclusive and multi plat such as Batman and Far Cry 4.

Now the offical start and we get a brief trailer for The Order which still looks ridiculosuly impressive.

Next up is Bloodbourne and finally some gameplay footage:

Jim Ryan takes to the stage to announce that PS4 has officially hit 10m consoles sold… which is an incredible feat, then he’s stood infront of a back drop of 3rd Party games to hit the console soon.

Q Games introduces us to a new title called The Tomorrow Children –

Onto our next Indie title – Volume which is a steal game apparently in the likes of Robin Hood, I’ll be honest I was expecting Sherwood Forest, but we got a trailer which looked like this –

Another Logo and another trailer starts, it’s Paradox logo and a trailer for their up coming title HollowPoint

Bohemia Interactive take to the stage to discuss DayZ. They mention about how well the DayZ Standalone sold for PC, and confirmed it’ll be on PS4, within the next 3 years 🙁 The other news is they are looking to make it cross platform when it eventually releases on PS4, and that this will improve PC users experience of the game.

Another trailer kicks straight in, a game from Ninja Theory – HellBlade –

The next game to show reminded me of Legend of Zelda WindWaker which is not a bad thing whatsoever – Rime –

Another trailer reel plays of a mashup of various indie titles that’ll be gracing the PS4 soon, it’s then confirmed they aswell as HellBlade, HollowPoint & Rime will all be on PS4 first, so timed exclusives again.

Now it wouldn’t be a games conference without Destiny, it takes the stage and is confirmed to be the most pre-ordered new IP Ever, we’re then treated to world premier multiplayer trailer. It’s also confirmed PS4 will get timed exclusive to the first 2 DLC items. And will get a timed exclusive multiplayer match mode.

Far Cry 4 takes the screen next and displays the environments, it’s looking really impressive, and we’re then informed of the 10 keys mode for PS4, allowing a PS4 user to pass a key onto a friend on PSN who doesn’t own the game, and allowing them to play the game with them online for 2 hours in free roam. Not to shabby really.

A trailer follows straight on for Middle Earth – Shadow of Mordor.

Kojima comes to the stage next to showcase some more MGS with another trailer and ingame play.

Another trailer for a new game plays, P.T, it’s apparently already on PSN, So I’ll be off to download it soon –

Onto something un game related, a breif mention that PSTV will be 99 Euros with 3 digital games with it, Not a loud reaction, we’re here for the games man!

And onto the exclusives. First up is Until Dawn, It’s the first time I’d seen anything for it and i’m pretty impressed with it.

Sony follows this up with more Drive Club Footage and a look at the dynamic weather system. It’s no doubt about it, this game looks visually stunning.

One of the breakout and best games to grace the Vita was Tearaway, and rather than follow up with a sequel to it on the VITA, or port it to PS4, Media Molecule have been hard at work on a PS4 version of the game. It really showcased some more unique ways which the PS4 game pad can be utilized. I love this about Sony First party titles, they really make the most of the light bar and touch pad.

From the creators of PS4 exlusive Resogun, Next up was new IP AlienNation

And the final game to close the conference off was the rather incredible looking “Wild” created by Wild Sheep. The trailer really grabbed me and it’s going to be featuring on my “I want them now” PS4 list.

And that was it. No showing of No Mans Sky, no Assassins Creed, No GTA5 date 🙁 But still a rather stellar lineup of exclusive and 3rd party titles to grace our PS4’s this year and next. What was your favourite?

I personally like the look of Wild & Tearaway.

– Murr

5 thoughts on “Gamescom 2014 – Sony

  1. Honestly the only thing that interested me was the Dark Souls looking game, but I’m pretty sure it’ll come to PC soon enough so I don’t need to buy a PS4 for it.

    • I’m still waiting to be convinced to buy a PS4. They showed quite a few good looking trailers, but not a lot of gameplay for them. Plus they were a little vague at time as to whether they would be exclusive.

      • I agree.

        I just think Xbox has the better exclusives right now. Their best known exclusive isn’t coming out until the end of next year. What else is there?

        When is The Order coming out? And is it any good? Because we’ve seen very little of the game.

        I’m personally looking forward to Sunset Overdrive, Halo 5, Crackdown, and Quantom Break, Wulverblade, and Phantom Dust.

        I’m still trying to make up mind about the new Fable, Ori and The Blind Forest, and Scalebound. My point is I’m looking forward to all these games on the Xbox One and I’m looking forward to like two games on the PS4.

  2. Part of me is wondering if Microsoft is making the play on exclusives to continue to find a means to chip a larger chunk off of Sony’s lead in the next-gen console market? Sure I may be a PS4 fanboy (and have one), but there seems to be quite a few just like me that jumped on board early on and haven’t seen a title on the X1 that really has me disappointed to have made the early jump.

    • I don’t think we are going to see true ‘System Sellers’ for a little while, and I think it could take more than one to convince me. Quantum Break is shaping up nicely, but I doubt its making PS4 owners think “Hey I really need and XB1 for that.” I feel the same about The Order, it looks pretty good so far, but not enough to make we want to buy the system.
      I think it will be mid next year before I start to think about buying a PS4.

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