Hyrule Warriors DLC Prices & Dates announced


Hyrule Warriors is released in the UK Tomorrow, but at TGS they’ve revealed a load of DLC Content for it coming soon, Here’s what we know:

There will be 4 DLC Packs and one Free DLC coming end of September. The paid DLC is…

Master Quest – Hyrule Warriors Pack
Twilight Princess Pack
Majora’s Mask Pack
Ganon Pack

September 30 – Free
Free playable three villains
Can turn on/off some cut-scenes. during battles

Hyrule Warriors Master Quest:
October 16th – 1200 Yen
1 new Weapon
New Scenario
Adventure Map
2 Costumes

Twilight Princess
November – 1200 Yen
1 new character
1 new weapon
Adventure Map
2 Costumes

Majora’s Mask
January – 1200 Yen
2 new characters
Adventure Map
3 new costumes

Ganon Pack
February – 500 Yen
2 New Game Modes

A bonus if you pre-order all the DLC similar to Mario Kart 8 is – If you pre-order the DLC, it’ll cost 3000 Yen for all packs, and you’ll get a Dark Link costume. All DLC + 1.3.0 update takes 1GB

Pics of the 3 FREE characters you can get from September’s FREE DLC Below and 1 of Dark Link:

hw1 hw2 hw3 hw4


GET HYPE! Tomorrow can’t come quick enough.

– Murr



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