GTA Online Heists Available


Heists are finally available for GTA 5 Online. The update is ready to download for XboxOne and PS4 and different forum users are giving different download sizes. 4.75GB is being touted as the PS4 download size and 4.8GB for XboxOne.

There will be 5 heists available to take part in with it rumoured to take between 2 and 3 hours per heist. 9 new achievements / trophies have been revealed with a gamescore worth 250g for Xbox players.

All Heists will require teamwork, and some will allow players to split up into smaller groups and then join back together to accomplish certain larger tasks.

The confirmed Heists are:

  • Humane Labs Raid
  • Series A Funding
  • The Fleeca Job
  • The Pacific Standard Job
  • The Prison Break

Players interact with characters from GTA 5 Story Missions during Online Heists, including Lester.

You need to be at level 12 with your own apartment, Lester will call you shorty if you match that criteria to inform you of heists. One of your rooms in the apartment will be turned into a heist room with whiteboards and blueprints.

Heist leaders will pick three players to join up, but the mission will need to be paid for up front. Games Radar says it will cost around $60,000 but they payouts are worth fronting the money.

Leaders will also be responsible for divvying up the cash once a Heist is completed. These percentage cuts will need to be set before the mission starts, obviously, and its’ even possible for leader’s to give next to nothing to their crew members.

While that sounds rather unfair, to say the least, crew member will still earn around $12,000 in-game cash for each prep mission with bonuses paid out for kills and performance.

Crews will only have two lives to complete each mission, and once the second death occurs, the task will be reset. According to the preview, checkpoints “are sensibly placed” and a quick start only takes around 15-20 seconds.

One of the Heists even tasks players with stealing a VTOL Hydra jet, which unlocks for free play. The plane is located on an aircraft carrier which is heavily guarded, and in order to complete the mission, the players will need to win the ensuing aerial battle against enemy planes once the jet is stolen.

Co-operation between crew members is one of the main takeaways from the preview, which notes there isn’t an incentive to competitive behavior as “renegades will get their comeuppance.” Players also won’t have to worry about randoms invading a their Heist, which is good news.

Challenges provide extra incentive to finish a Heist and stay alive in the process. The Criminal MasterMind Challenges, for example, require the crew to finish every Heist in order without a crew member dying once – and in Hard mode. One death and the task is reset no matter how much time you put into it.

This is the challenge mode which pays out $10 million, so it’s worth doing your best. Smaller incentives for meeting other achievements run anywhere from $10,000 to $1 million, and every completed Heist nets a new Versus modes to GTA Online.


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– Murr


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