E3 2015 Hype – EA

I usually find EA’s conferences to be a little… underwhelming. But this year’s E3 has the potential to be pretty good for EA.

Sure, we’re going to get the usual sports games shown off – that’s always to be expected. Fifa probably has the most realistic ball physics ever, and we will see some close ups of Messi dribbling around total noobs of the footballing world. Maybe an overhead kick or two. Then they will talk up how Goalkeepers react like a real person, but the reality will be that they still manage to put the ball in their own net in the most ridiculous way you can imagine which will leave you raging so hard your controller breaks.

With the recent announcement of the Womens International teams being included in FIFA 16, I wouldn’t be surprised to see someone from the USA Womens team turn up to talk about the game, and maybe play through a demo.

Then we will also get a look at the other sports game. It won’t be anything surprising I don’t think.

It’s not the sports titles that hold the excitement though. It’s that we are quite likely to see some more of games like Mirrors Edge 2, Mass Effect 4 and Star Wars: Battlefront.


Firstly, Mirrors Edge 2. Personally I really didn’t get on with the first one, mainly because I sucked at it. Everything about it just did my head in. However, I am open to having my mind changed by a sequel. So, whilst in the minority of how I feel about the first I am still looking forward to seeing what the 2nd one will have to offer.

Mass Effect is a whole different board game though. I love Mass Effect and everything about it – yes even the ending to 3. Ok, maybe I didn’t love it, but I wasn’t that annoyed about it.

The prospect of seeing something of Mass Effect 4 is very exciting for me. We know that it won’t be following Shepard this time around, and whilst I loved commander Shepard, I can move on, and I’m anticipating who will be the main protagonist. There were a few leaks a while back, but it’s hard to know if any of the information mentioned will actually be in the game.

Some things I’d like to see in the next Mass Effect game.

– New playable races. I think it would be pretty cool if you could play as some other races, Turian, Krogan, Quarian etc… it would be interesting to see them from a players point of view, and maybe have your choice of race have an effect on political standings or events. No doubt some brand new races will pop up too.

– Space battles would be pretty epic to see, ones where you can actually control your ship.

– I’d like to see a continuation of the Shepard saga, and by that I mean play in a world where he is known, and everything that happened with the reapers is still remembered. Maybe we could even see some familiar faces pop up.

– Full scale wars. I’d like to take part in some huge battles across open fields or spaces. Maybe different races are at war, and you have to fight in some of the battles.

We’ve seen a fair bit of concept art pop up over the last few months too which obviously looks amazing.

ME Concept 1 ME Concept 2 ME Concept 3

I’d be very surprised if we got to see gameplay at this E3. I would settle for just a trailer, but it would have to be one of a decent length, not just a 20 second teaser trailer.

The other big game we could see – although it could pop up in Sony’s show, is Star Wars: Battlefront.

A lot of people have already been judging the game very harshly before we’ve really seen all that much about it. I think some of the comments have been a bit unfair, but I can understand why some people are feeling a little skeptical about it. But I still think we should reserve our full judgment until we’ve seen some proper gameplay.

I think it’s very likely that we will see a slightly scripted multiplayer game, maybe scripted isn’t the right word – more rehearsed, to make it looks a lot more epic. I’ve seen it a load of times before so it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Whatever the format might be, I’m really looking forward to seeing it in action.

I wouldn’t be all that surprised to see the next game in the Battlefield franchise shown off – let’s be honest, it’s going to be happening at some point.

A more leftfield announcement would be Titanfall 2. I’m not too sure about this one. I would think that would be more likely to be revealed at next year’s E3. But you never know! EDIT – So, literally minutes after posting I’ve just seen that Respawn have confirmed that they WON’T be showing anything at E3 this year. No Titanfall 2 then.

With the recent announcement of the new rebooted New For Speed, we will obviously get to see some more of that. My money is on some gameplay showing off the open world and how you interact with it and other players etc…

I’ve loved the previous NFS Underground games, and I’m hoping that the series goes back to a game more like those because I feel that was when the series was at its strongest. I guess we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Beyond those games. I’m not really sure what else to expect. The EA conference has always been the least interesting one from my perspective, but I’d still like to see something from them, I just can’t anything really mind blowing. We pretty much know all the games coming from EA, and I’m not just referring to the yearly titles we always see. Who knows, maybe they will drop them bomb and announce multiple new IP’s…

– Will


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