Fruit Salad Review

There are a huge amount of party games around now and we’ve got another for you to take a look at – Fruit Salad from Ludically.




In Fruit Salad the aim of the game is to either get rid of all your cards or earn four victory points. To do this you will need to have a keen eye and also do a little bit of maths. The deck of cards is dealt out evenly between all players, the youngest of which then goes first by first rolling both dice. One die has numbers on it, the other has fruit, you combine them both to give you what you’re looking i.e. say you roll a 4 and strawberries, you will then be on the lookout for four strawberries appearing in the played cards pile – or the ‘Fruit Bowl’.

Each player then takes it in turn to reveal a card from their deck and place it face up in the fruit bowl pile. If you think you’ve spotted the correct number of fruit then you place your hand on top of the fruit bowl and call it. The required number of fruit doesn’t have to appear all on one card; it can be accumulative across all the played cards. So, one card could have one strawberry on it, then the next card played could have three more – this would be enough for you to call it.

If you were correct in calling the amount needed – it can be equal to or more than, then you keep one card from that deck to represent a victory point. You can then distribute the remaining fruit bowl cards amongst the other players however you want – yes, you can give all of them to one player if you really want to be that mean.


If however you’re wrong in your guess, you then pick up all the cards and add them to your deck, so make sure your maths is good! You keep going until you’ve either got four victory points or until one player has managed to get rid of all of their cards.

Fruit Salad, with its simple, colourful design is ridiculously easy to pick and very quick to play. It’s perfect for taking away on something like a camping trip and I can see it keeping kids pretty well entertained. I also think it could provide a few laughs around a more casual dinner table, maybe after a few tipples!

All in all it’s a great little game, that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Is it weird that all these quick to learn party games seem perfect for children and slightly inebriated adults? Maybe not at the same game table though…

You can track down your own copy of Fruit Salad here.


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