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  1. sargondorsai says:

    I’m not a FPS fan, but I’ve been really impressed with how Overwatch has been handled. One of the best sets of characters I’ve seen in a long time. Each feels and looks completely distinct and I think that’s one of the best aspects of the game. Glad you’re enjoying it.

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      That’s fair enough. It is great if you’re a fan of the fps genre. I do love the characters!

  2. Awesome post! Lucio is definitely my second favorite (next to Junkrat), and I’m a beast at pushing payloads with that kid. There’s also the Ilios Well map where I just stand there and push people into the hole. Best feeling ever!

    I’m actually the Community Content Manager for NowLoading.co, and I would be thrilled if you considered cross posting your stuff to our platform. If you don’t know much about us- we’re the sister site to MoviePilot.com, and push to give awesome writers (like yourself) the exposure they deserve. Feel free to email me! tyler@nowloading.co

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      I love playing Junkrat too, he’s a lot of fun – in fact I think all of them are really good fun.

      I’ll email you separately about the other stuff!

  3. Ash says:

    I’ve played Overwatch for almost 150 hours now and I have to agree in that, like you, I generally expected little from the game and was given so much more. I feel like for the first time since I was wrapped up in the early Modern Warfare games and Halo 3 that I’m really enjoying playing the same maps and modes in succession. Part of this is due to the diverse characters. But another is thanks to the games unique arcade FPS stylings.

    Like you said, it’s awful being a part of a team full of stubborn players too willing to pick damage characters rather than healers and tanks, but the great times my team have had winning hard fought matches against opponents who did everything they could to try and stop us definitely trumps those few lowlights. Great read!

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      I also think it helps that I didn’t really have many expectations for it either.
      I was thinking it is like back when I was really playing COD for hours on end. I haven’t had that feeling for a while. Guess you’re on PS4?

      1. Ash says:

        Yeah, PS4, the desolate landscape where Torbjorn is the devil and Bastion is his demonic aide. Actually looking forward to that console-exclusive Torbs nerf.

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