Nintendo Switch Reveal

All aboard the hype train again. Nintendo have just shown off their latest console code-named NX in a 3 minute teaser.


Nintendo have officially revealed the Nintendo Switch:


And it’s got a lot of partners on board.



And set to release in March 2017.

– Murr

0 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Reveal

    • I didn’t want to get suckered into the hype, but Nintendo did it again. Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in.

      • We got a Wii U as a family gift last year for Christmas. It still gets almost daily use by the kids. I had little interest in it. This thing though looks fantastic. I can’t wait to see more information.

        • Mario Kart 8 was my most played WiiU game. I got the WiiU on launch day and was so excited by it. It had such a buzz of positivity about it. Especially with the possibilities of decent 3rd party support that was touted at its reveal. The first party output on it mind is phenomenal. Hopefully this Switch continues the traditional excellent first party output and can maintain positive 3rd party backing. Showcasing NBA2K and Skyrim Remaster on the reveal is very promising.

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