E3 2017 – Ubisoft Conference Summary

We’re coming to the final stretch of the E3 conferences now, with only 2 remaining after this show from Ubisoft. Once again another conference you could kind of guess what would be shown, and the fact that they revealed and confirmed the existence of a few games prior to E3 like Far Cry 5, The Crew 2 and Assassins Creed left little surprises. I’m sure Ubisoft do have “One more thing” as always though. Here’s how it went:

From watching the build up to the conference on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel, their presentation made it very apparent that they are trying to be “down with the kids” with the presenters that they had hyping the crowd before the show to the memes and video’s they were showing of gamers playing their games. They seemed to have a lot more energy then any of the other conferences we’ve seen so far, but that is becoming standard with Ubisoft now.

So, I didn’t expect this start at all. It’s the Rabbids x Mario game, or I think it is. A rather hilarious segment of Rabbids bumping blocks from Mario and taking a mushroom to grow large. Yves Guillemot to the stage and he introduces someone he admires massively. Miyamoto is in the fucking house. Miyamoto takes to the stage with Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. They both have arm cannons that feature in the Mario X Rabbids game and are enjoying theirselves. Miyamoto jokes these weapons are a lot different from what you’d see Ghost Recon. Yves praises Nintendo and compliments them on their impressive Switch launch. Miyamoto is a fan of Rabbids and their humour. Miyamoto had just one condition for this project, “whatever you do, don’t make a jump game or Mario platformer, make a Mario game that hasn’t been made before.”

The game has been worked on for more than 3 years now. It’s a turn based tactical adventure exclusive for the Switch, we’re shown some gameplay. This game looks like it’ll be fun and hilarious. The mechanics for this game look really smart, and not what I was expecting at all. It’s definitely a different Mario game that’s for sure, but in a positive way. It’s coming out on August 29th.

After that awesomeness, we’re onto some more details about Assassins Creed: Origins. We’re shown a video giving us a taste of Egypt.

After this trailer, we’re shown some gameplay back at the Ubihub, they will be showing 30 minutes of gameplay after the conference. It’ll be out on October 27th.

Onto the next game now, it’s The Crew 2. The trailer is like street racing meet Inception. Looks like it’s more than just street racing and city racing though as there s an off road / desert segment. Appears there’s a career mode involving flying planes, driving boats, racing F1 cars and racing touring cars. Actually looks pretty good to be fair, a huge improvement over The Crew one. It’s coming in early 2018.

Next we’re over to South Park. The Fractured But Whole get’s another E3 showing. Coming October 17th. FINALLY!! A release date.

A video plays with Elijah Wood discussing VR, and experiencing a movie. It’s an advert for a game. A very trippy looking game. It’s called Transference. Coming Spring 2018, nothing more Is shown.

Next up Yves is back to the stage to bring another surprise for us. It’s from Ubisoft Singapore, ITS A FUCKING PIRATE GAME! Yes, they did it, they listened to feedback from Assassins Creed Black Flag. A fully fledged pirate game. It’s called Skull and Bones. It looks epic. The trailer gave chills. Awesome reveal, absolutely awesome. We get a look at loot hunt a game mode.

There is some concern though as this game appears that it might be online, PVP only, which is a real turn off for me personally. Coming in 2018.

Now after all the excitement, we need out yearly does of Just Dance of course. I have to admit, this is better than previous Just Dance reveals in past years. Buuut, it’s not going to encourage me to buy it, but sure it needs stage time I guess.

Another South Park game is announced, it’s for mobile phones. South Park: Phone Destroyer coming in 2017.

Onto our next game, from Ubisoft Toronto. Looks like a new IP, and looks similar to No Man’s Sky. It’s called Starlink Battle for Atlas. It’s a new sort of toys to life game for PS4, XB1 and Swich. It’s out end of 2018.

Back to a game released last year, Steep. There’s an expansion for Steep coming this year, it’s about the Winter Olympics. A pretty cool addition to be honest.

And now it looks like we’re onto the potential main event. Far Cry 5. Given the backlash from this game by certain parts of America, I am looking forward to seeing more of this.

Looks like we’ve got one more game, it’s looks like Fifth Element the game, but with Pig mob bosses and swearing monkeys. Yeah that is what I said. It is Beyond Good and Evil 2. It looked pretty god damn awesome. Michael Ancel comes to the stage, and he looks visibly emotional about the trailer that was just shown. 15 years later and the sequel is upon us.

And that wraps up the Ubisoft conference, and as of now, I’d say that’s been the best conference of E3 so far. Absolutely staggering games coming from Ubisoft. Well, the best conference till Sony later on today anyway.

Well done Ubisoft, well done.

– Murr


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