Overwatch: Forever Silver

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  1. Timlah says:

    Simply put, it’s super accessible to everybody and people play ranked because it feels good. When you play a competitive, team-driven title such as OW, you will have to expect that not everyone will want to play at your level (Even if they’re somehow up to your rank).

    Interestingly, I read a looong time ago, that in League of Legends, it was around their silver ranks that the gameplay sorta got… Bad. Well no: Playable, but incredibly average – But most importantly, there was a lack of communication and a lot more pinging one another if a player sees a mistake (but not improving their own).

    I’ve been playing Tekken 7 loads recently, a competitive individual-skill based title – and lots of people are like me: Stuck around Initiate/Mentor levels which is pretty standard affair to get to in online ranked. We’re the people who play the game, take it seriously enough to want to learn, but sometimes are stuck in our ways. Eventually, I’ll smash through this – But I’m no pro and I recognise this! I also recognise that once I get out of this section, there’ll be less button bashers/people who are likely to spam (Though I typically get out of spam easily enough.)

    The point is: You might be right! People who get to that rank are, typically, just wanting to play for the sake of playing. When you smash past this, into Gold+, you might start getting better communications with people 🙂

    Good luck: But don’t be discouraged!

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      I hope it gets better, lol. If it doesn’t then I will probably just stop playing in comp. I keep on plugging away though!

  2. KingKoopa says:

    Sigh. I hear you, my friend. For the first time ever, I ranked up to platinum this season, but it felt like such a crapshoot. A few seasons ago, I ranked in at BRONZE. I wanted to die.

    It’s very unreliable, and like you said, there’s isn’t much of an answer (short of never solo-queueing, which I’m not suggesting – I basically only solo-queue). Non communication is frustrating – I’m the same as you, I don’t immediately flame Hanzos, and I’m never dictating instructions, but calling out enemies and ults requires minimal effort and goes a long way. On the other hand, I’ve had matches where we’re all on the same page without communicating somehow, and inversely, matches where it’s 5 toxic people all blaming one another and causing me to play like crap.

    Who do you typically use? I made Mercy my comp main a long time ago – I decided to work on someone essentially every team needs, and doesn’t always have. More often than not, a decent team comp falls into place when I immediately auto pick her – people seem relieved the healer aspect is taken care of, and pick accordingly. The flip side is, if we’re losing, unless someone else switches to healer, I’m stuck on the sinking ship as a healer – I can’t take a crack at DPS or we’d really be screwed.

    My strategy nowadays is play a comp match or two and get a feel for what the comp “tone” will be for that particular sitting. If I suffer a miserable couple of losses, or notice I’m not playing well, I’ll switch to quick play or arcade and have a stress-free Overwatch sitting. The ideal scenario is a handful of people are in chat, they’re not toxic, they’re capable and willing to team up. Stick with them for 5 or 6 rounds, and I’ve just thrown another 100+ SR onto my rank. It’s weird how it’s almost like gambling – when you win, you want to chase the high and add to your rank. When you’re in a losing spiral, you think if you just win one, you’ll feel that much better. The key for me has been knowing when my own gameplay is suffering, whether because of my actions or teammates, and switching modes.

    Sorry for lengthy response. Great post – really resonated with me and I guess I had a lot to say! Best of luck, you seem like a great teammate to have who is overdue for a wave of good fortune.

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      I guess I main Lucio – he’s my most played, he covers the healer spot and I can protect myself pretty well, plus I know how to use him effectively – for the most part. I think one problem I have is sometimes I play until I get the win and that can take 6-7 games and it’s just so deflating. I should probably take a leaf from your book and play one or two games then stop.

      Thanks for reading!

      1. KingKoopa says:

        The often-thankless job of healer can sour the results too sometimes, win or lose. You’ll get there!

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