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  1. David Norris says:

    Keep reading blog posts about gloomhaven. God damnit so jealous of all you guys. Hope you have fun with it.

    Also how’s cod WW2 campaign. I haven’t read anything about this game just yet, but was a massive fan of old COD. Wondering if they caught the vibe.

    Also, also, glad that’s you turned out alright. The E3 trailer had me worried. Lol

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      Should be having my first play session on Gloomhaven this weekend. I’m excited, but also a little nervous about trying to teach this behemoth to other players. Could be a long afternoon!

      1. David Norris says:

        It should be a fantastic afternoon if anything. Have heard nothing but great things about Gloomhaven. Good luck with it!

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