Runewars: Latari Elves Expansion Review

Elves are a fantasy staple; you don’t see many films, TV shows, games, books etc… in a fantasy realm without Elves featuring somewhere. So it’s no surprise that we now have the Latari Elves in Runewars.

If you’re looking for a review of the full game of Runewars then head over here, for a run through of the basics. This review is going to focus on the Elven army itself and what they bring to the battlefield!

The Latari Elves expansion brings a whole new faction to the game, the set includes four new units – Deepwood Archers, Leonx Riders, the Aymhelin Scion and the new awesome looking hero Aliana of Summersong, enough to get your Elven army in to the fray. You will also find new tokens, mechanics and upgrade cards and other things to go along with your new troops.You also get a few pages of text lore to go with it which is a nice touch.

There are also some other additional units available separately if you wanted to bolster your lines, but this box is enough to get you started!

As with the main game we’re once again treated to a plethora of fantastically detailed miniatures, with Aliana Summersong atop her Leonux Mount named Wildcall. Her command tool offers a nice variety of options with a lot of white modifiers meaning they can used in combination with any colour action. It makes her an unpredictable foe with a lot of mobility and early attacks. She also has some good upgrade cards to make use of too like the Ambush Predator card that means ranged attacks cannot target you meaning you can sit and lie in wait for the perfect moment to pounce and make use of your lethal damage also on the card.

Aliana isn’t the only mounted unit available to you, your also have the Leonx Riders, a slightly smaller, but still nimble band of troops with a lot of options for movement on the command tool around the field. They’re also no slouch when it comes to dishing out damage either, so if you can get in close you can really take the fight to the enemy. They also have access to some good upgrades cards including one called Metered March which lets you basically halt your movement action anywhere along the template, this is really good if you basically make a mistake or line up slightly wrong.

Probably the most impressive is the amazing looking Aymhelin Scion – it kind of looks like a tree, and that’s kind of what it is. The lore states that roots erupt from the ground to then form these Scions. Seriously, some of the lore is awesome, go check it out where ever you can, even if you don’t want to play the game. They have the ability to change their defense based on the runes of magic which is an interesting detail. As you might expect from the size of the unit they’re pretty tough but they also offer a lot of versatility on offense too. The Aymhelin Scion isn’t the quickest, which makes it very different to the Leonx units.

Finally you have the Archers which you get 16 of in this box. As you might expect they’re very good at shooting long range but not so good on the melee front with the melee action going very slow on the dial. They have a couple of unique upgrades available only to the Latari which are Hunters Guile and Pathwalkers Amulet

I did find that some of the minis were a little tougher to put together than the core set, with some of the holes not quite being the right shape from the slots, but that could just be a one off and with a little filing I’m sure it could be easily sorted. But, once again, you’re going to want to glue them together if you want to keep them all in one piece.

I’m no expert but I thought overall the Latari Elves play really differently from the other armies in the base game with a good mixture of speed, maneuverability and power. This expansion certainly adds an interesting army to play with and visually I think they’re probably my favourite looking ones. If you’re looking to start off with an army to play with in Runewars, then this one will be a good choice, or if you’re just looking to add another army to your collection you will find a lot of fun to be had with this one.

If you want to start expanding your army or you’re just starting fresh, you can track down your Latari army here.




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