Fear in Video Games

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  1. Do not play SOMA. I repeat: do NOT play SOMA. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever watched, but it not only has jump scares, but it takes place on the ocean floor after an apocslyptic event destroys the surface and the existential horror is as deep as the Mariana Trench 😳

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      I watched a let’s play of SOMA, which I’m fine with. But no way I would’ve been able to play it.

      1. That’s exactly what I had to do! Even just watching it was harrowing, because Frictional Games really knows how to do horror. I know they did the Amnesia series, but apparently SOMA went in a far more existential horror direction and they nailed it. I’ve been working on my review/analysis for it for about six months now, and I hope I finish it up soon in the new year!

  2. David Norris says:

    Oh man there’s that deep ocean VR simulation. You should stay away from that. Haha.

    Personally what gets me is music. I can’t take suspenseful music. It ruins me. I love reading horror books, and comics, but can’t do movies or games because of that darn music!

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      That sounds like a nightmare.
      Music does add a lot to games!

  3. Dark Souls 3 scared the pants off of me with two enemies. 1) The river centipedes made out of human body parts, and 2) The priest looking dude who made your health bar disappear. One was just a really gross body-horror creature, and the other was because it happened so subtly. I’m not taking any hits, yet I glance at my health bar only to find it disappearing!

    Also Hellbalde: Senua’s Sacrifice did a good job with creating a lasting sense of dread. The voices, the darkness, the exhausting boss fights… that game got me in my soul.

    1. Will_GSRR says:

      I’ve been wanting to play Hell Blade for a while, but just haven’t got around to it yet.

      A river centipede made of body parts sounds pretty disgusting.

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