Geekly Review #216

Me alone again this week as Will is still away getting over the January blues. I’d seen on Facebook he and his wife came down with food poisoning while away, so hoping they’re better soon and enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Not much to report this week myself. I’ve completed 2 more games during the week, but one wasn’t that long to be fair, Call of Duty WW2. The other game was however something else altogether.

The Last Guardian

So as of late you’ll have seen I’ve been playing through and completing a few older games, and the posting some Late to the party features. The Last Guardian is no different. I’ll be writing thoughts up pretty soon, but we can’t post a Geekly Review with no content can we? So I’ll divulge a small thoughts of the game, but be sure to come back and check out the full feature when it’s up.

So, I went into this game aware that there are very mixed feelings about it. Some declared it their game of the year in 2016. Other’s were let down after 9 years of development. I can see why there would be some disappointed people. From a game-play perspective, The Last Guardian is quite testing. Not in terms of the puzzles you have to solve, but just how it plays it can be very testing. The AI that is in the game with regards to Trico and controlling him is pretty incredible… when it works. But it unfortunately it can take some time to get the correct response from Trico. Away from the control mechanics, there are times where the camera angles and changing of view can be a little on the frustrating side too. I have unfortunately succumbed to a few deaths in the game due to the camera angle deciding to move when making a leap of faith on towers and such as “The Boy”.

The positives though massively out way the criticisms above. When you get the control to work, it works really well. The AI of Trico is actually brilliant once you have got it sussed. The ability to control him to leap up towers or plunge into water in certain levels is great once it works. Visually it’s not a masterpiece for the PS4, but it’s not exactly bad either. I was blown away by some of the expanding views and cut scenes upon your ascent to the top of the tower.

There are plenty of times this game can make you think… Wow

And as for the bond you build with Trico, well goodness me. Again as I said, I’m not going into full details here, you’ll be able to read my emotional turmoil of The Last Guardian soon if you should care to. But goodness me despite the frustrations with the camera, the control and having to repeat a few scenes quite a lot of times due to missing jumps, it’s all worth it when playing out and watching those final scenes. I go on quite a lot in a few of my articles that I either do or don’t become connected to the characters I’m playing as in games. The Last of Us & Life is Strange being 2 examples of when I’ve gone all in with the characters and love them. The Last Guardian joins that company as Trico… wow, I was holding my breath during the end.

So was it worth the 9 year wait (10 years for me given I played it a year later)… abso-friggin-lutley. Now, where I can buy a Trico plushie and figure?

– Murr

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  1. I’ve been intrigued by TLG ever since the amazing E3 demo a couple of years ago – I missed the original trailer back in the PS3 days that started all the hype and anticipation. I reckon I’ll have to go and play it at some point, the connection with the characters just seems too special to miss. Looking forward to reading your in depth thoughts some time soon.

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