Geekly Review #225

Another week goes by and the beast from the East makes a comeback, peppering us with more snow – which means we should probably stay in and play games right?

Vermintide 2

I’m still battling my way through the hordes of Skaven rats on Vermintide and having a blast. One of my friends has also picked it up so when we play we tend to have a fight to see who can get the most kills and what we’ve found is that some of the stats at the end don’t add up. We quite often have differing stats showing on our own pages. It’s a bit odd.

For the most part I’ve been playing Kerillian and I’ve now unlocked all the additional classes for her, but I still find the Waystalker to be the most useful one. Firstly I get more arrows to shoot and nothing is most fun than popping headshots with a bow. Secondly her special ability – a multi arrow shot a bit like Hanzo from Overwatch, actually, seems the most useful in a fight. You can quite easily take down some of the more difficult enemies with the ability, especially the gutter runners.

One of my gripes with the game is that you get bonus XP awarded for playing quick play, which means that I mostly play quick play for that specific reason. But it also means that I’m replaying a lot of the same levels when I haven’t even seen a few of the later ones. But, when you consider that, that is probably my only main issues at the moment, that’s pretty good going.

Kerillian the killing machine

I’m loving Vermintide 2 at the moment, and I honestly don’t see me getting bored of it for quite some time.

Sea of Thieves

Finally the Xbox One will be getting an exclusive game…sort of, it is on Windows 10 too so it’s not really a real exclusive is it. Anyway, it’s out tomorrow and I for one an very excited for it. Why am I bringing it up now though I hear you ask. Well, because I will be playing it a lot, so you can expect to hear about it a fair bit and see quite a lot of it too on my YouTube Channel. So if you want to see what the game is like and follow my stupid pirate adventures, then go there. If you want to read about it, then check back here as I will be covering it in various ways I’m sure, regaling you with tails of idiocy I’m sure.

Sea of Thieves is a game that is seriously going to split opinions, in a way it already has. I’ve seen people complaining about the amount of content and what you do and the game isn’t out yet. Rare recently held an AMA on reddit an that seemed to only further the divide in opinions. But this is what I don’t understand about gamers some times, I keep hearing people complaining about there only being enough gameplay for a few weeks. So? If this game keeps me playing for a month that’s great, then I’ll probably play something else. Then when more content drops – which is free by the way, I’ll come back and play again. Why do some people have it in their heads that they must play a game and only that game for hundreds of hours and if there isn’t enough content for that then it’s a failure?

It remains to be seen just how much content there will be and how long that will keep people busy, but I know that from everything I’ve played Sea of Thieves is just fun to sail around and mess about with your friends or on your own. I really think that Sea of Thieves will be a special game, sure there will be some who don’t like the gameplay loop, and that’s fine. I commend Rare for sticking to their guns on it though, sticking to creating a game that is inclusive in all aspects, nothing is locked out by levels, no one will become super powerful and dominate, you can play on both PC and Xbox One with players from both.

I can’t wait!



Not much for me this week, I’ve been pulled back into COD: WWII in recent weeks as you’ve seen in previous Installments of the Geekly Review. But it’s a good time to jump back in as the St Patrick’s day themed Shamrock and awe went live on March 15 and is with us till April 15th.

The new temporary playlist adds a leprechaun to classic modes such as Domination, Team Death Match and Hardpoint. There isn’t much special about hunting this mystical creature and unfortunately there isn’t a game mode specifically hunt him, which would have been very welcome much like prop hunt, but if you kill the leaprachaun while in these other game modes, you do get all 3 of your killstreak rewards much faster. It results in absolute carnage in the contested game modes much earlier than usual.

The other excellent freebie was the addition of new map. Remember Shipment from Modern Warfare? The frantic and small map? That’s been remade for WW2 and named Shipment 1944.

I normally play my game modes on Hardcore as I love the essentially one hit kill gaming and lack of radar and kill cams, but unfortunately at the moment Shipment 1944 is only on circulation in regular play mode in a playlist with Domination, TDM and Kill Confirmed.

Towards the end of a session one evening my friends and I opted to give it a try, reluctant as it wasn’t Hardcore. Turns out it doesn’t need to be. It’s fucking incredible. We died a lot, but we killed a lot. You can’t help but earn points in this map. My best so far being 19,000 from one game. In one evening after reaching Prestiege level 2 and resetting my overall level, I went from level 1 to level 17 just from this map. It’s incredible and I really hope that like Carentan did, it stays around permanently.

– Murr


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