Geekly Review #229

This week’s round up will be focused on EGX Rezzed, because that’s where we’ve been all weekend! Playing some of the best looking indie games around, meeting the developers and just hanging out.

We travelled down early Friday morning and got to the event at about 11am and we left Sunday afternoon, so we had a hell of a lot of time to play games. Good thing we did too, because there were so many to check out. We will be doing a few focused posts over the next week or so around our favourite games from the show. So for now we will share some pictures and few initial thoughts.  We were also joined this year by two of our friends on Saturday and Sunday, which was good, especially with there being so many 4 player games you can try out.

Personally my early favourites for the show were Far: Lone Sails, Disco Elysium and Below from a single player point of view, then there were some very fun multiplayer games like Catastonauts, Hacktag and Guns of Icarus. I managed to have decent hands on time with all of them and they’re everything I was hoping for. So expect to hear more about them soon!

If you ever want to go, I’d seriously recommend it, it’s a lot of fun and on the Sunday it was so much quieter that you could easily play the games you might have in mind.

For now, I’ll leave you with some photos from our time there.



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