E3 2018 – EA Conference Summary

So here it is Merry E3, Everybody’s having fun, look to the future now it’s only just beguuuuuuuun. Yup E3 is here and our first conference is the one that Murr and I have voted as our worst conference for I think the last 3 years, EA. Let’s hope things get off to a good start this year!

Opening the show is a look at Battlefield V! The Xbox show will be showing off the new war stories Nordly’s War Story.

Oh guess what, there’s a new Battle Royale mode simply called Royale. We’ll see that later, for now, it’s trailer time..

Not much shown, already slightly underwhelming.

Moving on to the world of Football/Soccer withFifa now.

Now officially has the Champions League in it and Alex Hunter is back chasing Champions League glory.

Fifa 18 is getting a free World Cup update just in time for the Tournament to start in 5 days. The whole game is also available for free trial through EA Access on all platforms.

Origin Access Premier announced. All new PC games – including Madden NFL 19 back on PC, Fifa 19 and Anthem, also includes access to all Vault games.

Vince Zampella is now teasing the new Star Wars game from Respawn. It’s called Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Takes place during the ‘dark times’ when Jedi are being hunted, set between episode 3 and 4. Releasing Holiday 2019…booo!

On to Battlefront 2 now. Adding new squad mode, new star fighter mode, new large scale multiplayer sandbox experience. Clone Wars era confirmed to be coming later this year with all new heroes to play including General Grievous.

New Indie Game time with the reveal of Unravel Two and it’s co-op although it can be played on your own.

We also get treated to a live gameplay demo, the first of this years E3!

It makes a nice change to see some genuine love for making and playing games on stage instead of the seemingly forced excitement you often get. It looks good!

Ok, we’re getting treated to two trailers for Unravel Two! Lucky us!

First Bomb shell, it’s out right now! That’s actually super cool

New EA Originals title now called Sea of Solitude… This definitely isn’t a new game? I’m sure I’ve seen it before somewhere… Anyway, trailer time.

Moving to Basketball now with NBA Live 19


Next up is Madden 19

Now we have a live demo of a new mobile game Command & Conquer Rivals with some live commentary to go along with it. The crowd are…. ummm, super hyped?

Sometimes you have to wonder how these games get signed off for a live demo. The audience has just gone super flat and quiet.

RIP C&C, you had a good run.

Let’s end on a high shall we, come on Anthem please be good.

We’re now treated to an on stage chat about the game, so I shall try to summarise the main points.

  • Anthem is a living shared world – Our World being said a lot
  • You can return to your base that’s a single player area with NPC’s etc to progress story.
  • Designed with story to be added for years to come
  • Dangerous environment you must wear your Javelin suit of armour
  • The World is always changing around you, storms and other events from gameplay to lore
  • You play as a freelancer and have ancient rivals called the Dominion they will be your main threat
  • 4 Javelin types, each special in their own way. Ranger, Colossus, Storm and one other that passed me by…
  • Loads of customisation options. There will be purchasable cosmetic items, but they’re a direct purchase, no loot boxes and no gameplay advantage to them.
  • You will play on land, in the air and under water
  • Fully playable as a solo experience, or you can have a team of up to 4 players

Now for some gameplay yay!

Anthem will release 22 Feb 2019!

So, in all kind of meh, but Anthem looks really interesting and I’m excited to see more. On to the next show!







2 thoughts on “E3 2018 – EA Conference Summary

  1. New or not, Sea of Solitude looked right up my street.

    I watched most of the IGN interview for Unravel 2 and it looks pretty good. They talked about a Switch port being unlikely which is a shame as with the 2 joy cons I think it’d be a perfect fit.

    Now Anthem doesn’t look terrible which is nice. The open world aspect of it kind of made me think of Monster Hunter in some ways. I’m keen to see how it develops.

    • Yea Sea of Solitude does look interesting for sure.
      I’m keen to see more of Anthem, it’s the kind of game I like. But I think we need to see more and get a proper understanding of the whole game.

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