E3 2018 – Tiny Build Conference Summary

Last night EA got E3 2018 officially underway with there conference. It had a few highlights, but for the most part, it was a standard EA conference. Last year Devolver Digital threw their name into the mix with conferences and will be doing so again this year, but this year another company are getting involved. We have a debut conference from Indie publishers / developers Tiny Build. Here’s what happened in their first E3 conference.

The show starts off with a pre-recorded video of some sort of boss character threatening Alex that he needs to have the press conference ready in 24 hours and then asks hows the new game going that has to be the greatest the game in the world.

It then jumps into a musical number about the greatest game in the world.

So, based on the first song, it appears that this is going to be a very funny show. The song is a huge parody of the gaming world right now such as Battle Royal, Frames per second, players per chat. It’s pretty great.

The next song is about testing and fixing broken games that get released. Awesome stuff.

And it looks like the press conference is also pre-recorded too. They’re about to announce the greatest game in the world, but the trailer doesn’t play straight away. When it does, the music kicks back in and literally melts the crowds face..

And now we’re actually into a real video game and footage of a proper video game. It’s a reveal of Secret Neighbour which is multiplayer addition to Hello Neighbour. One or two of the players are actually secret neighbours in disguise.

The game is referred to as a social horror experience. The player playing as the secret neighbour can turn from the neighbour character to a normal player. The player playing as the secret neighbour has to gain the trust of the players playing as kids and influence them so he can kidnap them / kill them.

That’s it, we get a look at multiplayer demo and then that’s it. It wasn’t much, but it was certainly entertaining. Multiplayer video will be posted once it becomes available.

– Murr


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